Living the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, Pt V- Fraternity Friday

So, here we are at Week Five of my #ShowYourPurpose contest! Entries have started to come in for the contest, and they are looking fantastic- for me, the most important part of this contest is sharing the impact that Alpha Gam (and the Purpose) has on all of us, and there is nothing better than seeing sisterly bonds. Yes, we spend hours planning and attending exchanges and formals and philanthropy events and study hours and recruitment, but at the end of day this is about sisterhood. A huge thank you to those who have entered already, and to everyone who hasn’t you have the second half of the contest to go! Back to the task at hand, the next line of the Purpose…

To contribute to the world’s work in the community where I am placed because of the joy of service thereby bestowed and the talent of leadership multiplied.

This is an interesting post to write, or should I say re-write, after the US election. I think that more than ever, this is the time for us to be active in our communities and work for the causes that are important to us and those around us. There will always be people who seek to spread hate and anger, to destroy progress, but we can affect change. Canadians, Americans, all sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta- our Founders have charged us with making a difference in the lives of those around us, and it is our responsibility to follow through on that. No matter how small a difference you think you are making, please do whatever you can. The smallest ripples can lead to a tidal wave if you let them grow.

So, what have I been doing to work on this line? Well, I have completed over 100 hours of volunteering with the Winnipeg Humane Society. I work with the rabbits, and they are often forgotten and ignored while people adopt dogs and cats daily. I love being able to make obstacles courses for them and chase them and cuddle them and give them the love that they deserve until their fur-ever home comes along. I’ve educated people on these lovable little buns and on how much love and fun they can bring into your life. I’ve met hundreds of wonderful volunteers who are so passionate about what they do and what they give to. The WHS has a proud history in Winnipeg, and I am proud to be a part of it, to stand for something.

I’m also going full force on organising a mini-drive for the Shoebox Project. The Shoebox Project is for women in shelters who don’t have the money to buy anything for themselves and who won’t receive anything for the holidays, you fill a box with $50 worth of toiletries and make up and candies and bus tickets and gift cards. These boxes provide needed items for women while still giving them some things that are just for fun! I’m coordinating items from Junior Circle, from the collegiate chapter, from friends, and from co-workers, and I think that we are really going to be able to make a difference for some women! I know that it may seem small and frivolous, but for a single mom in a shelter who has used any extra money she has for gifts for her children, this is a sign that there are people who do support her and want her to succeed!

Show Your Purpose.jpg

The prizes for the contest are in! Slight change to one item, instead of two ball point pens, there will be a squirrel notebook. Total package?
-Alpha Gamma Delta Heart Tote Bag (Red)
-Alpha Gamma Delta Floral Notecards (6 cards and 6 envelopes)
-Alpha Gamma Delta Squirrel Notepad

Entries are really starting to come in, depending on how many entries there are, I may add in second and third place prizes! How does this contest work, you ask? 

To enter the #ShowYourPurpose contest:
1.Post a picture to Instagram showing how you live this line and #worldswork! 
2. Tag @anhistorianabouttown in the picture and use #ShowYourPurpose! 
**For the next two weeks, you may enter up to five entries, one for each of the first five weeks!** After that, it will be back to one entry per week. The winner will be randomly drawn at the end of week 10. Please share with other sisters, and show your Alpha Gam pride. 


Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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