Up Next on the Blog

Hello dear readers,

I’m back! This week will still have a bit of a reduced schedule, but next week will be back as usual. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my polls on what they would and would not like to see on the blog, I will be shifting post topics to reflect it! From the results, it looks like readers want to see more Style and Reading, and less Fitness. I will probably do a monthly fitness post, probably not much more than that, unless something drastically changes and I’m working towards something incredible…. I definitely will have more reading posts on the horizon, and I think that Style Saturday posts will stay the same for now.

I will be switching to new posts six days a week, one day off- most likely the day off will be Tuesday or Wednesday, occasionally Sundays. I’m hoping to give myself a little more time to relax and enjoy my time not working, be it my career or the blog! I have a few things coming up in the pipeline for the blog that I am pretty excited about that I can share here! 

My #ShowYourPurpose for Fraternity Friday is still up and running for Alpha Gams! With prizes ordered from the Alpha Gam Boutique, I’m excited to see entries- you only need to post your image on Instagram, and tag @anhistorianabouttown and #ShowYourPurpose to be entered to win! It’s time to celebrate the positive in the Fraternity and show how the Purpose impacts your life.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 will be up on Friday!

I’m hoping to get back to semi-regularly posting recipes (and hopefully improving my food photos!). I promise there will be a new recipe up this week!

I can’t wait for Blogmas to start up again! My Blogmas posts will be starting up regularly on 14 November, the week after Remembrance Day here in Canada. I know that not everyone loves Christmas, but I couldn’t be more of a Christmas fangirl! I am fairly excited to get back into the swing of it, including more recipe and DIY posts for everyone else. These are some of my favourite posts from Blogmas 2015:

Getting a Christmas Tree, Canadian Style
Holiday Dog Treats!
Christmas Movies- What’s Not to Love?

Let me know if there are any post topics you would like to see (or not see)! I’m always happy to hear feedback 🙂

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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