Living the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, Pt. II- Fraternity Friday

Hello, hello again! Welcome back to my #ShowYourPurpose series, this week we will be looking at the second line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose. All Greek organisations will have a creed of sorts; some are longer, page long deals, while others are a few short lines. Every Founder, no matter which organisation they belong to, created the aspects of their organisation with specific reasons in mind, and I respect that! However, I do appreciate that the Purpose is of a good length, and that it really “covers” every aspect of life. What is this week’s line?

Show Your Purpose.jpg

To develop and prize health and vigour of body. 

When I was a collegiate member, we always interpreted this line to mean that you should make sure you go to the gym enough. This is in no way a bad interpretation, but I think that we were certainly short changing ourselves with it. As women, I think that we have some things working against us; as a rule, we a) don’t like to say no to something, and b) like to support others. While this leads to you being a wonderful sister and friend, and you will probably open yourself up to many opportunities, it also leads to you potentially getting very run down. As collegians, you may pull some all nighters to get assignments and studying done. (Sidenote: I can’t study past about 9pm, so you are miracle workers.) While you might accomplish whatever it is you set out to do, your physical and mental well-being probably took a hit. As an adult, there are less all nighters until parenthood hits, but work can be pretty draining all on its own without factoring in any sort of social life. Unfortunately, health can be hard to come by, and we all are responsible to take care of ourselves!

Ballet Stretching Warm up.jpg

So, what have I been doing to develop and prize health and vigour of body? Zumba at lunch was perfect to loosen up and break up the day! And in ballet class on Monday, I really worked myself. It was an incredibly tough class, I was running on little to no sleep, but I was determined to do my best and wear myself out. I was fairly sore on Tuesday, so I decided last minute to skip the gym at lunch to allow for a break. I set alarms on my phone to stretch for 5-10 minutes every 90 minutes, I made myself walk to the farthest printer possible, and I drank as much water as I could. I also went to bed at 9:30pm, because self care is just as important as workouts. Wednesday was yoga at lunch- I actually got my heels completely grounded during down dog!! Given how tight my calves were on Tuesday, this was a miracle of sorts. And while I was still tired, I felt more rested and definitely more balanced after class. I didn’t get to bed quite as early, but still roughly 15 minutes earlier than normal. Thursday? Zumba again! I am really loving the mental break it gives me at lunch. I also went back to setting alarms for stretching, which I think I am going to make a permanent habit. It doesn’t take very long but makes such a difference. Physically you feel better, mentally you get a breather and a break. Today, I should be heading to another yoga class at lunch to round off the week! While I don’t sleep in often, I’m specifically going to let myself sleep in this week, and take time to hopefully get better from my perma-cold!

The prize has been ordered- what is it?? An Alpha Gamma Delta tote bag, two Alpha Gamma Delta Pens, and a set of floral Alpha Gamma Delta note cards to write rose notes to your favourite sisters!


So, Alpha Gams reading this: These are the contest details! For the next eight weeks, I would love to hear how you are living that line of the Purpose! What are you doing to embody it? And how is it improving you as an Alpha Gamma Delta? Entries can be submitted via email to or submitted on Facebook to An Historian About Town or on Instagram to An Historian About Town! I will potentially be posting different entries here on the blog (with permission, of course). So, if you are looking for a way to win some AGD swag, show your Alpha Gam pride, or even simply get some writing experience, please enter the contest! Also, feel free to email any questions you may have.

1. Write a short entry (250-500 words) on how you live the Purpose, corresponding with the line of the week (up to 9 entries allowed).
2. Email it to or post it on Facebook or Instagram (it must be a public post).
3. Share it on social media with #ShowYourPurpose! 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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