Living the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, Pt I- Fraternity Friday

When I started this blog, my first ten Fraternity Friday’s or so were short posts discussing each line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose and what they mean to me. I might be nerdy for it, but I do enjoy thinking on and talking about the Purpose. If our Founders could put that much thought into providing our Purpose, than it seems fair that I could put half the amount of thought into how I can live up to it. The next nine weeks of Fraternity Friday will not only look at that line of the Purpose but will detail what exactly I did that week to embody the line! Without further adieu, the first line of the Purpose…

To gain understanding that wisdom may be vouchsafed to me.

I’ve always found it a very interesting concept that wisdom is something for us to safeguard. Education is incredibly important to me, be it formal or informal. I am incredibly proud that I have earned an Honours degree, a General degree, and a Master’s degree, but I believe that continuing my education on my own is just as essential. Once you graduate from school (finally and completely), it can sometimes be difficult to get back into the traditional learning mindset. We often don’t have time to sit down to study for midterms and finals and work on assignments, let alone even attend evening and weekend courses once we are entrenched in our careers and building our adult lives. I think that we need to remind ourselves that education need not be large in scope or formal in nature- it can be as small as watching a Youtube tutorial to learn how to knit or reading a cooking blog to explore different styles of cooking.

Our Founders created our Fraternity for women pursuing their education, and I firmly believe that is our responsibility to carry that legacy on throughout our lives. If they had created Alpha Gamma Delta, graduated with their degree and then stepped back with a “we’re done now”, the Fraternity would not be the strong and empowering organisation that it is today. We pledge ourselves to Alpha Gam for life, and that includes continuing to evolve into a well-rounded woman.

What have I done?

No one can keep something in their head for years and years without using it. All three of my degrees are in history, but unfortunately I do not have much cause to use it in my job. I love reading historical studies, but I’m finding that reading a whole academic book isn’t fitting into my time frame as of late. Therefore, this week I have been reading one academic article a day- 30-45 minutes is not an overwhelming amount of time to furthering my knowledge and bringing back what knowledge I already have. I chose to stick with medieval history, and it’s been rather eye-opening- it’s fantastic to see how the field is evolving and growing! I started out with “Multi-verbal expressions of ‘giving’ in Old English and Old Irish”, from Patricia Ronan and Gerold Schneider. Old Irish was the bane of my existence during my MA, so when I happened upon this, I knew that I had to tackle it. While I didn’t remember a whole lot of my Old Irish, it did call some of it back and actually got me to look back through my notes!

Show Your Purpose.jpg

So, Alpha Gams reading this: I have a contest for you! For the next eight weeks, I would love to hear how you are living that line of the Purpose! What are you doing to embody it? And how is it improving you as an Alpha Gamma Delta? The prize will be announced in the next few weeks- I am still gathering- and entries can be submitted via email to! I will potentially be posting different entries here on the blog (with permission, of course). So, if you are looking for a way to win some AGD swag, show your Alpha Gam pride, or even simply get some writing experience, please enter the contest! Also, feel free to email any questions you may have.

1. Write a short entry (250-500 words) on how you live the Purpose, corresponding with the line of the week (up to 9 entries allowed).
2. Email it to
3. Share it on social media with #ShowYourPurpose! 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!



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