Back at it and better than ever!

As I posted last week, I didn’t do much of anything on the weekend- I just embraced the sick feeling and tried to rest. However, I also put all of my energy into exercising this week and getting back into my regular routine. I would say that 6-8 months ago, I was at my peak- either running or doing yoga every day. It wasn’t enough variation for me to continue it in the long term, but I miss exercising every day in some way. Overall, I was in better shape, better health, and a better head space. I am trying to be realistic and give myself a day off here and there, but stick to somewhat of a routine. This week was a SUCCESS!

This is the first week that I wasn’t able to go to my ballet class, unfortunately! However, I will be able to attend another class of my choice at some point during the year to make it up. I did still go to Zumba at lunch, and it was just an interesting class! The instructor had to take a bit of a break during class and we were able to really see who remembered which dances.

None of the classes at lunch jumped out at me on Tuesday, so I went for a 20 minute walk on my lunch! Because I hadn’t really exercised at lunch, I knew I had to get moving in the evening- I decided that I would do the first video on Yoga With Adriene’s channel. Yoga for Mood Swings it was! I don’t know that mood swings have been an issue for me lately, but it was still a good video to get me back into my home practice. Making time for 20-30 minutes of yoga isn’t that difficult, and this practice reminded me of all of the benefits! I slept like a rock and was pleasantly stretched for my yoga class on Wednesday at lunch!


Wednesday’s yoga class was a continuation of the Sun Salutation 2 series, with more twists and more balancing poses. I was happy to have a solid base for my Dancer’s Pose. It is a pose that I haven’t attempted more than a few times, and although my working leg wasn’t at any great height, my supporting leg was solid and unshakeable. It wasn’t a particular goal of mine, but I feel like I’m making real progress in yoga by coming back to it regularly! I also went to a corn maze in the evening with Junior Circle- although we didn’t set out for it for to be a workout, it turns out that walking through a muddy corn maze in Hunters that are gaining more weight with the mud will really tire you out!

Back to Zumba on Thursday at lunch, with the new instructor! I have to say, I really felt worked out after I left the class. I was starving afterwards, and I slept like a rock that night. It’s an incredible ab workout, and I love that she works in some balances. Even though she has only been teaching the class at our gym for a little over a month, we are all picking up the dances/songs quickly and getting into it. It’s really nice to see, and I make a point to be at that class now.

Friday was the day off that I allowed myself! I had a few errands to do on my lunch, and I went to see The Magnificent Seven remake with my Dad in the evening. (For anyone wondering, it was a great remake!)

Winnipeg Beach Fall Walk.jpg

Down at the lake for Thanksgiving, I decided to jump on the crisp, sunny weather and go for a brisk, long walk! I listened to an episode of the Generation Why podcast, and walked another episode of the The Walk app- turns out that one of my companions in the app is proficient at blowing up cars… A car blowing up out of nowhere while you are walking in the country can be a bit startling, and I was pretty close to jogging when it happened. I was half running after that *cue embarassed face* One effect that this app has on me is that I don’t just wander when I am listening, I really walk. As in almost sweating, elevated heart rate, and tons of steps on the Fitbit!

So, this week was a rousing success for my fitness goals! I got back into it and I’m keeping my motivation high- no excuses, just results.

What are your fitness goals? What is your number one motivator for exercise?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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