Every Little Bit of Movement Helps!

This week I made a concentrated effort to get back to the gym! I made it a priority- I put it in my planner and set an alarm on my phone, and made sure that I got there. I wasn’t really feeling running at all, so I focused on the different gym classes. Because my gym is at a university, the regular gym part is stuffed full of students everywhere, whereas the classes aren’t quite so crowded. Plus, I would look slightly ridiculous dancing around in the regular gym by myself… While it didn’t end so well, this week was fairly productive fitness-wise!

Monday- Monday was a busy day! I did a Zumba class at lunch, and ballet class in the evening. I am really enjoying Zumba- it doesn’t require a lot of thought, it’s silly and fun, and I get a ton of steps out of it. I definitely get moving and boost my energy without crossing the line and starting to drain myself for the rest of the day. I’m going to make it a priority to make it to this particular class, as I love the instructor and I think that starting off the week right makes a big difference.
Ballet Bloch Warm Up Booties Stretching

Ballet was also a fantastic class! Not doing an intense Barre class the night before probably made a big difference… Because it is a later class, I’m finding that I’m no paying as close attention to my technique and just pulling up in general- I’m going to have to make sure I have some tea later on in the day to make sure I have that needed energy boost! I’ve been going out of my way to make sure that I have at least 30 minutes to completely stretch before class, but it’s been closer to 50. I will not be able to make class this week, and next week is Thanksgiving, so two weeks off! I am thinking of making a small stretching plan to follow (but realistically I’m not the greatest at following plans as of late…) I will keep everyone updated on that. Overall, I think I am finally starting to pick up on some of the Cechetti nuances. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to not follow your hand with your eyes or turn your wrist a different way actually requires a great deal of mental fortitude. In case anyone wants to ask the question- ballet is as much a mental workout as physical.


Wednesday- Tuesday was a day off- I figured that two and a half hours of exercise in one day was more than enough. On Wednesday I went to my regular yoga class at lunch. We have been doing an extended sun salutation for the last month. While that can become a little tedious sometimes, it is nice to have a regular sequence to focus on again. We have been doing a fair amount of twisting in it, and my lower back isn’t the most thrilled- this is probably due to the fact that I should be doing more stretching and yoga anyways…. The only downfall to this class is that I still have to skip the cool down at the end. I logically know that I should do a cool down, but every time I have done one, I end up drowsy and muddling through the rest of the day.

Thursday- Zumba number two! This is the new instructor, and I’m still feeling her out. I enjoy her enthusiasm- I appreciate that she fully participates and knows each song down pat. However, I find that the traditional Zumba songs and dances can become repetitive. Still, it’s an excellent way to get myself moving at lunch. I just keep reminding myself that it took me a few months to warm up to the other instructor!!

Friday- Nothing, I went home sick 😦 I felt weak and drained and dizzy and stuffed up, and I went home before lunch and slept for hours. Unfortunately, colds/flus seem to not care what is going on in your life and will come at any moment that they feel fit. This whole weekend is me laying around and taking it easy. I’m typically not a napper/sleep-inner, but it’s happening. Apparently getting older does mean that you stay sick longer. (I didn’t agree to this, but here I am).

I think that the biggest lesson I’ve learned this week is to exercise whenever I can, because I might be laid out for a while.

Do you exercise when you are feeling under the weather, or do you just rest up?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Every Little Bit of Movement Helps!

  1. Charlotte Graham October 2, 2016 / 10:45 am

    I’ve yet to try Zumba, but it looks like so much fun!

    My general rule of thumb for exercising whilst sick is that, if I’m sick from the neck up (IE, sinus issues), it’s fine to work out, but if I’m sick from the chest down (like with a stomach virus) it’s not as good of an idea. I can’t recall where I read that, but it seems to work for me personally.


    • anhistorianabouttown October 2, 2016 / 8:35 pm

      That does make sense- more blood pumping might push through a head cold, but jostling around could bother an already upset stomach! I’m going to have to remember that for the future, as I tend to get sick more often than I would like.

      Zumba is great fun, especially if you just tell yourself that you *all* look ridiculous but it’s for a purpose! 🙂

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