Style Saturday- 24 September 2016

Back to another styled outfit! None of these pieces were particularly expensive or hard to find, but are all some of my favourite pieces. Sometimes you don’t need anything elaborate or expensive, you just need character. I’m finding that after my month of not buying in June, I’ve really gotten away from buying new clothing unless I absolutely need it, and I’m really starting to be more critical of the things that I am considering buying. It’s forcing me to really look at my clothing and see what can be paired and styled with what. Without any more postulating, one of my favourite fall outfits!

Smart Set Plaid Skirt

Plaid Mini Skirt, Smart Set

This was purchased when back when I was an undergrad in my first degree, and I’m so glad that I’ve hung onto this. It’s thicker but not overly hot, it is super soft, the belt makes it adjustable, and there are pockets! It is a more casual skirt, but I like that it isn’t overly formal. For only $40, this is an incredible steal given that it has lasted five plus years. It really is a shame that Smart Set closed, they were the perfect store!

Penney's Atmosphere Squirrel Sweater

Squirrel Cardigan, Penney’s

This came about from a wonderful adventure in Dublin. I met Liz, another Alpha Gam who was studying at UCD, and we took a verrrrrrry long walk to Dundrum Centre to go shopping. We planned to take the bus but we never actually found the stop, so we ended up walking the whole hour plus to walk from UCD to Dundrum. It was absolutely lovely because I got to know her more, and it made realise that I am even more lucky to call her my sister. As the squirrel is our mascot, she knew that I am always on the hunt for squirrel items, and she had bought this the week before. Penney’s is a wonderful treasure trove of cheap clothing that might not be the best quality but are usually cute and fun. We ran around the store for almost half an hour until we found it in my size- VICTORY! It is super warm and I get about a thousand compliments on it, because let’s be honest- it’s adorable. Every time I wear this, it reminds me of Ireland and Liz and Alpha Gam, and just makes me feel happy!
Squirrel Sweater Plaid Scarf Plaid Skirt

I usually finish the outfit off with a plain navy tee underneath, to not draw away from the squirrels- let’s be real, it’s about the squirrels. Any neutral scarf works with it, but the slightly warmer tones in this scarf pair well. Huzzah for an adorable and warm outfit that transitions me into our colder weather!

What is your favourite memory piece? What makes it stand out for you? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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