Travel Thursday- Woodland Park Zoo

Finally, the last of my Seattle posts! M is a wonderful boyfriend and always entertains my wish to go to the zoo in every city that I visit. I don’t know why, but I love zoos. I love them. I love going early or late, and seeing the animals quietly relaxing. Woodland Park Zoo is close to the University of Washington, and is a large, spacious zoo that embraces natural terrain and forests. I personally enjoy that you start your trip by parking in the Flamingo parking lot. I embrace every part of zoo experience, and get excited like a small child! I love wandering for hours and getting snacks and reading all of the signs. It is a peaceful but exciting way to lose yourself for a few hours and spend some time with some badass animals. 

When you purchase your ticket at the zoo, you are given a token that stands for 25c. With that token you can “donate” your quarter to one of six conservation projects. I love this idea, I donated to the tree kangaroos! It engages visitors and informs them of the different conservation projects that are ongoing.

Woodland Park Conservation Animals

The Northern Trail is all forested, and maintains the original landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The Assiniboine Park Zoo here in Winnipeg has a Journey to Churchill exhibit that maintains the tundra landscape, and I’m hoping that this is a larger trend in zoos, and that these aren’t a few exceptions. I think that zoos can be used not only for the animals but also for the spaces.

Woodland Park Zoo Northern Trail Sign

This porcupine was grumpy, but to be honest, I don’t know that there are a lot of cheerful porcupines about. The length of their quills is somewhat astounding!

Woodland Park Zoo Porcupine

This was the first time I was able to see a brown bear in person. They were much larger than I expected, I had figured they would be around the size of a black bear- these fellas were closer to a grizzly bear. Large but pretty calm and peaceful!

Woodland Park Zoo Brown Bear

We didn’t actually see the eagles, but this nest is something else. The usual bird nests I see are about 6 inches in diametre, not a metre plus! I’m also impressed with the strength of it, those are definitely branches.

Woodland Park Zoo Eagle Nest

The elk were wandering about, also! They were foraging and relaxing in the shade. They are tucked in the back in the first shot, but you can see them in the second. Moose are my favourite animals, but elk are pretty close, too. The majesty and grace of these animals is something else.

Woodland Park Zoo  Elk 2

Woodland Park Zoo Elk

I don’t know what this guy is- a cross between an aardvark and a capybara?

Woodland Park Zoo Not Aardvark

Woodland Park Zoo Not Aardvark 2

This orangutan was just hanging out, drinking his water and eating his popsicle. With the heat, I don’t blame him!

Woodland Park Zoo Gorilla Eating

If you can spot the giraffe here, you get a high five!

Woodland Park Zoo Giraffe

The tropical birds were a little hard to spot, given that many of them were blue and green, but this little guy was front and centre!

Woodland Park Zoo Tropical Bird

This crocodile did what most crocs do and stayed in one place as to not build up lactic acid in his muscles.

Woodland Park Zoo Crocodile

love turtles, and there were so many turtles just eating up lettuce leaves as they float by. What a life!

Woodland Park Zoo Turtles

My favourite part of the zoo was the penguins. I don’t know why, but penguins fascinate me. This habitat isn’t quite as large as the penguin habitat in the Calgary Zoo, but it is sizeable and they were playing around until the very end! At which point, they all stood in front of the water sprayers and waited for the spray. I don’t blame them it was very hot out.

Woodland Park Zoo Penguin Sign

Woodland Park Zoo Penguin Selfie

Woodland Park Zoo Penguins

The last spot is the carousel- it is a beautiful antique carousel, and I would love to see this at night. The colours and details are spectacular, the music wasn’t irritating, and it moved at the perfect speed. I’m sure there have been some cool photoshoots here!

Woodland Park Zoo Carousel

Do you have any traditions when you travel?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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