Style Saturday- 17 September 2016

This week is all about my ballet clothing! As I’ve said before, ballet is a huge part of my life. I danced for almost two decades, took a few years off, and began dancing again this summer. I am now taking a full year ballet class and I couldn’t be happier that I am back! Everyone has their “thing”, my thing is ballet- it edges history out by this much. This week’s pieces are equally about the stories behind them as they are about the pieces themselves. You will be hearing more about ballet tomorrow in my fitness post, but these are some of my favourite pieces of clothing related to ballet!

Pacific Northwest Ballet Tee

Pacific Northwest Ballet Tee, Pacific Northwest Ballet

As you probably know, M know lives in Washington. On my first trip into Seattle, we went to see a mixed program from PNB. While it was quite different from my normal choices, it was a wonderful evening! The Pacific Northwest Ballet is quite a different company from my regular Royal Winnipeg Ballet- they feature many more American choreographers and modern/contemporary works. I love being able to see and experience the works of new (to me) choreographers, and I knew that I had to get some sort of souvenir. The modern design of the tee jumped out at me- it is sleek and to the point, and also incorporated Mariners’ colours! It is also perfect to wear to and from ballet class. Win win win!

Royal Winnipeg Ballet Vintage Tee

Royal Winnipeg Ballet Vintage Tee, Royal Winnipeg Ballet

The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is my home ballet, I have been lucky and privileged enough to grow up with the RWB right here in my own city. They are a world renowned ballet that has produced countless amazing dancers, created numerous new ballets, and play a huge role in both the Canadian and international ballet worlds. They have created a line of vintage tees that are based on different ballet posters from the 1930s and 1940s, and I decided to purchase this shirt when my mom, sister, and I went to see the Nutcracker this past year! I love that it invokes the history of the company while visually representing ballet so gracefully and beautifully. Purple isn’t a normal colour of mine, but I’m glad that I decided to give it a chance- this is now one of my favourite tees!

Breaking Pointe Sweatshirt, Ballet West
Breaking Pointe Sweatshirt, Ballet West

If you haven’t seen it, Ballet Pointe is one of my favourite TV shows of all time. It was a reality show that lasted two season on the CW (16 episodes in total) following Ballet West in Salt Lake City. As soon as I met M and he said his family had moved to Salt Lake City, I immediately asked if he had seen anything from Ballet West. (Of course, as a metalhead, he thought I was ridiculous but we are still together!) It is a dramatic but fairly realistic look at the reality of a ballet company, and the realities of being a ballet dancer. It is not as beautiful and easy as dancers make it look; it is a gruelling and difficult life. If you are interested in ballet, I would watch this! M is the best boyfriend in the world, and bought us tickets to Sleeping Beauty on Valentine’s Day- it was a wonderful production. Because of my love for Breaking Pointe, I wanted some sort of momento of it. While I eventually was able to buy a pair of Christiana Bennett’s pointe shoes at the next BW performance I attended, I was only looking at clothing and I figured that a sweatshirt would be different than my standard pictures, and would be great for warm ups and cool downs. It is incredibly comfortable, and I love using it for travel!

While the clothing itself is important to us, I believe that sometimes the story and meaning behind the clothing is just as, or if not more, important. Each of these pieces not only represents my love of ballet but some wonderful evenings and memories. They might not look like anything fancy, but they are meaningful to me!

What is your favourite piece of clothing with a story? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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