Travel Thursday: Queen Anne Neighbourhood, Seattle 

Queen Anne Hill is a fairly well-to-do neighbourhood in Seattle that is mostly composed of a giant hill (as you would think). The original reason that I wanted to see it was because M saw a woman walking a Westie and a pug together and I was set on finding them. Turns out that I did not see a single Westie or pug, but once I had started researching the neighbourhood, it became clear that it is beautiful and historic neighbourhood and certainly worth a trip there. I don’t have any pictures of the hike up, mostly because I was all red from the heat and the hiking, and I didn’t have any extra energy to take pictures. This prairie girl was almost bested by the hill!

We went up to Kerry Park, it is a small but beautiful park that has a gorgeous view of Seattle and the Sound. There were a lot of people there- tourists and locals alike- and I can see why. It’s well-kept and landscaped beautifully, there are numerous spots to sit and take a break, and you have the most spectacular view while you do so.

Kerry Park Queen Anne Seattle

No idea what this sculpture is supposed to be, but it looks pretty cool. Also, I very much appreciate that Seattle has quite a few water fountains like the one here- I love that the city provides it for people! #hydrateyourself

Kerry Park Statue Seattle

How can you say no to a shot like this? I was so happy that we made it up on a clear day and we were able to see everything! The Space Needle really is something else, such an iconic structure.

Queen Anne Seattle Harbour View

Kerry Park Portrait Seattle

This panoramic of the city, the harbour, and the Sound is one of my favourite shots from my entire trip- so much included in one simple photograph.

Kerry Park View Panoramic Seattle

The architecture in this neighbourhood is just gorgeous, brownstones all over the place. I mean, I shudder to think of what the rent would be, but they are something else. Also, this was a throwback to Dublin for me, as you can park either way in Ireland! Here in Canada, you park with the flow of traffic and that’s it, boring.

Queen Anne Architecture 1 Seattle

Queen Anne Park White House Seattle

After the park, M insisted that we go to El Diablo Coffee. Yes, it was 30°C+ outside, but he promised that they are well-known for their Mexican hot chocolate and that we absolutely had to try it! I was all on board, as we didn’t have to climb any more inclines and I happen to love hot chocolate! The inside of the shop was folksy and cute, and even though it was super hot, there was consistently a line up out the door the entire time we were there!

El Diablo Coffee Queen Anne Seattle

El Diablo Interior Queen Anne Seattle

The outside terrace was just beautiful, and my favourite part was that they had multiple water bowls for dogs! Seattle is so dog friendly that I can’t help but smile when I think of all of the ways that they accommodate our four legged best friends. Also, I wish that Winnipeg had a coffee shop this fantastic. Tim Hortons only goes so far… Look at the vines atop!!

Le Diablo Exterior

The Mexican hot chocolate was wonderful. It wasn’t too spicy- it tasted mainly of regular hot chocolate made with nutmeg and cinnamon. I will definitely be trying to figure out the recipe. You have to love their cups, simple but striking!

El Diablo Cup

El Diablo Coffee Selfie Queen Anne Seattle

This neighbourhood was quiet but beautiful, and it seemed like their was a wide range of ages of inhabitants. The houses and apartments all look like they are from the turn of the nineteenth century, and I don’t think I would turn up my nose at a chance to live in one of these! There  is so much character around, I wouldn’t be sad to spend some more time here.

What quiet spot is your favourite?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

One thought on “Travel Thursday: Queen Anne Neighbourhood, Seattle 

  1. Paul September 15, 2016 / 8:19 am

    The sculpture is named “Changing Form”. It was installed in 1971. Originally, both pieces rotated, The idea was that you’d turn in order to “frame” your favorite view of the city, I think it’s been stuck in place for a long time.

    My favorite quiet spot is the area around Montlake Playfield, along the shore of Portage Bay.

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