Back to Reading Like a Champ!

I have been reading more now, my reading slump seems to be on the way out! It’s still taking me a little while to pick out a book, but when I do pick it up, I usually can’t put it down. It’s nice to be back to normal, and I’ve decided I’m going to pick a Saturday or Sunday in the next month where all I have planned for the entire day is reading! In addition to the library books, I’ve also been introduced to a wonderful new reading app!

Serial Reader app.pngSerial Reader is an app that sends you daily chunks of the classic book of your choice, breaking it up into 8-17 minute issues for you to read on your phone or tablet! It was mentioned in three or four different blog posts I’ve read lately, and I figured that it was worth a shot. I’m currently reading Persuasion, the only Austen that I have not conquered yet. I got a couple days behind, but I caught up on the weekend! It’s handy to have it on your phone, as it’s perfect length when you have a little big of a wait. If you have any interest in classic literature, I would recommend trying it! And now onto the books…
Fire C C Humphreys

Fire, C.C. Humphreys

This was splashed across my facebook as a Random House ad for probably two months, so I put in a request at the library. I was the second person to receive it, it’s my new goal to be first. Anyhoo, onto the book! This was okay, nothing mind blowing. I haven’t read the prior book, Plague, so I might be missing something, but I didn’t really care about any of the characters. None of the were developed enough to make me want to care about them. The fire started probably 60% of the way in, and was one seventy odd page chapter. I would have loved to read more about the actual fire, what people did, and how events unfolded. It seemed slow and sleepy throughout. I can’t imagine that the fire was sleepy in any way. If you can get a hold of it for free, I would give it a shot, but otherwise not worth the $20.

Always Pack a Party Dress Amanda Brooks

Always Pack a Party Dress, Amanda Brooks

I don’t know what I was expecting from this memoir, but I wasn’t overly impressed with it. It is difficult to take fashion advice from someone who owns Yves St Laurent, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen, and was thoroughly embedded in the high fashion world for years. I would have preferred to read about her transition to country life in the UK rather than numerous anecdotes about attending various Met Balls and fashion weeks. Overall, just meh.

Lessons from Madame Chic Jennifer Scott

Lessons From Madame Chic, Jennifer Scott

I will admit, Paris was not the city for me. However, it seems that most lifestyle and style books are now based on French living, and I thought I would start with this book! Jennifer’s tips are based on the six months that she spent living with a French family during a semester abroad. I enjoy that she admits that some aspects of French life don’t jive with North American lifestyles, but she does offer suggestions on how to slightly alter your own lifestyle to provide more style, elegance, and peace. I’m excited to read the next two in the series! This is a good book to read in small segments while you are taking a quiet moment here and there.

Lost King of France Deborah Cadbury

The Lost King of FranceDeborah Cadbury

I borrowed this from the library on the Hoopla app- I think this is one of the most interesting histories I’ve read as of lately. I will admit, I don’t read a lot of French history. Not sure why but it usually doesn’t grab me. However, when I spotted this, I realised that while I know the very gruesome fate of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, I actually had no idea what happened to their children. I mean, I assumed they weren’t guillotined given that that had never been included in explanations of the French Revolution, but what happened? It turns out that they were kept in a tower… This was well-written; engaging and thought provoking and exciting while still including all of the necessary research and sources.

Serving Victoria– $37
The Sisters of Versailles– $18.75
Death of a Maid-$15
Death of a Perfect Maid– $15
Death of Yesterday– $15
Shopaholic to the Stars– $15
First Grave on the Right-$15
The Perfect Hero– $16
The Royal Palaces of London– $55
China Rich Girlfriend-$15
The Art of the English Murder– $18.50
I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star- $15
A Weekend with Mr. Darcy– $25
Razing the Dead– $10
The Girl You Left Behind– $12.25
Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style-$30.50
Bitter is the New Black– $15
You’re Never Weird on the Internet– $15
The Knockoff– $19.50
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery-
Alix and Nicky- $9.00
The Tao of Martha-
Game of Crowns- $30.75
Girl on the Golden Coin- 
I Regret Nothing– $19.50
The Wish List– $15.00
Grace’s Guide– $19.00
You Deserve a Drink- $13.50
The Madwoman Upstairs– $19.50
Eligible– $25.25
– $17.75
Always Pack a Party Dress– $32.25
Lessons From Madame Chic– $20.00
The Lost King of France– $15.00

Grand Total Savings via Library Card- $655

What reading apps do you use?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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