Laughing is the Best Form of Exercise

So, unfortunately my plan to get to the gym every day at lunch was squashed by the fact that there are now thousands of students back on campus who all need things done immediiiiiiiately. I took what I could get, and focused on finding smaller amounts of exercise whenever possible. Another fitness goal that I have added is being realistic and patient, and understanding that sometimes an hour workout just isn’t possible, no matter what I plan.

Tuesday, I headed to the gym and walked another episode of The Walk on the track at my gym! I think that next time I might give it a shot on the elliptical this upcoming week to see how the app works when you are running. I have found that when I am walking I really do pick up the pace when they tell you to move it, and I’m usually power walking fairly quickly to begin with. The only aspect of the app that I don’t love is that once the episode is over, there is no way to keep it going in the background. The Zombies, Run! app has radio mode that allows you to keep picking up items and occasionally hear something going on. I also might try it outside at lunch one day, but I can’t promise that I won’t look like a nutcase running away all of a sudden. The gym allows me to feel safe from the imaginary people shooting at me….

The Walk App.png

Wednesday? Getting to yoga class at gym just wasn’t in the cards for me on Wednesday. I was bummed but what can you do? I was exhausted when my break actually rolled around, so I just read and ate. I was still exhausted when I got home but I knew that I had to get some exercise in or I would lose all motivation for the rest of the week. Enter: The Fitness Marshall. The Fitness Marshall is a cardio hip-hop series on Youtube- Caleb has numerous videos where you dance and workout to popular songs, old and new. Yes, it is hilarious to watch and ridiculous and bigger than life, but it got me moving and got me laughing. “Arms in the air like you’re feeling the Spirit at church!” I do appreciate that they are dance moves instead of being straight reps, as many dance exercise videos really are. I got through nine of his videos, at which point I was physically done. If I can dance around for 30 minutes and get a work out, life is good. I will probably be doing this videos for a while now, just for the laughs and resulting ab workout!

I was
finally able to get a class at the gym on Thursday, Zumba! We have a new instructor who does trademarked Zumba- meaning it’s Latin dance/techno music, and she has clothing that says Zumba on it. I didn’t mind it, but I will probably make the other Zumba class with our regular instructor the priority. I prefer having actual music, as opposed to the made-for-Zumba tracks that they provide. I found that the movements were all very similar, and that you can’t really tell one song from the next. At the end of the day, though, I got to exercise and dance for forty five minutes instead of sitting at my desk. I am wondering if I will warm up to it after a few weeks, like the regular instructor did in the beginning of the summer for me.

Friday was too busy for lunch annnnnnnd I had some of the Junior Circle ladies over for a bonfire and s’mores, so Friday was a no exercise day for me!

Saturday? More of the Fitness Marshall! Not much to say other than it was a good workout, and I still had fun! I fully believe that exercise doesn’t have to be a traditional workout, and this youtube channel is the perfect example of that. Do four or five songs in a row, and then tell me how your abs, butt, and legs are feeling- it’s more of a workout than it seems when you first start! I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who enjoys dancing!


My big fitness news? Ballet for the year starts tomorrow night! I haven’t stretched at all, so we will see how that goes… Overall, I’m really excited to get back into dance, and to make ballet a part of my life again. Fingers crossed class goes well!

What are you up to, fitness-wise?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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