Style Saturday- 10 Saturday 2016

I don’t know about all of you, but fall has come to the prairies quite quickly! It’s now at the point where it is cold in the mornings, warm-ish in the afternoons, and cool in the evenings again. While it might be a “basic white girl* trend, I have always loved plaid, aka. tartan, aka. check. Even as a little girl, I sought out plaid pieces. I think that subconsciously it is connected to my English/Irish/Scottish heritage and associated history. Either way, these are my favourite fall pieces! Some of these pieces have been on the blog before, but they are tried and true, tested pieces that I immediately turn to. I will try to link similar pieces that are available now, if you are looking for it!


Asymmetrical Plaid Wool Mini Skirt, Smart Set

Although I may still be on the hunt for my perfect red plaid skirt, I do love this purple/grey version! Purple doesn’t often find it’s way into my wardrobe. I find that it often highlights the ever-present purple bags under my eyes (woo-hoo for thin skin) and that it just doesn’t work with many other colours that I have. However, the purple in this skirt is just subtle enough that it’s something a little different without working against my colour palette. The asymmetrical hemline is also out of my regular style without sticking out like a sore thumb! With flats, riding boots, or heels, it works for work, evening or casual. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find anything similar- if you know of something available now, please share in the comments!


Tartan/Check Scarf, Dorothy Perkins

I have a lot of love for this scarf! I ordered it from Dorothy Perkins, shipped it to one of my good friends living in Dublin, and grabbed it from her when I visited. It gave off a lot of fuzzies when I first opened it, but I rolled it completely with with a lint roller (using approximately half of it…) and solved that problem. It is soft and warm, and the red and blue matches a lot of my wardrobe. My favourite aspect is that while it is a beautiful tartan, it isn’t the standard tan/red/green/navy scarf that every girl who is 16-30 owns. I can use it fall through spring; outside when it’s -30°C and inside when I’m a little chilly at work. I definitely feel like the £15 was more than worth it with this one! Want it? A similar burgundy version from Dorothy Perkins this year is the same warm and fuzzy but darker.


Plaid Shirt Dress, Smart Set

Even though Smart Set closed over a year ago, roughly half of my wardrobe is from there. I own this green and navy dress, as well as the black version. It could not be more comfortable or more flattering. Sleeves down? Formal enough for meetings! Sleeves rolled up? Casual enough for a regular work day or the weekend. Tights or no, cardigan or no, I love these dresses! I find that it helps with my bid to not look like a student, a tough feat working at a university. I actually bought these two and a half years ago, and only really fell in love with them in the last half year. The jersey-type fabric makes all the difference in the world, in addition to the subtlety of the plaid print. It has character without smacking you in the face with the print! This Choosing Cidars Dress from Modcloth and DEX Plaid Shirt Dress from the Bay are similar dupes!

What does your fall wardrobe look like? Are there any consistent trends? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!



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