Blogs I Follow, September 2016

As ever, I’m still finding new and interesting blogs to follow! I’m really finding that I am paying more attention to blogs that post more frequently- if I like what you are posting, I want to be able to read more of it! I have personally found that having a consistent posting schedules makes the world of difference; people know where and when they can find me, instead of hoping I will be around at some point. These blogs are all fairly well-established, and cover a good range of topics, including style, travel, baking, and history. Here we go with September’s picks!


Sarah Pratley

Sarah’s blog is a wonderful mix of recipes, style, running, restaurant reviews, reading recommendations, and more. Given that she lives in London, I use Sarah’s posts to explore new spots and restaurants from across the pond (and cultivate a new list for when I’m back next). Her writing is open and friendly, very easy-to-read! Favourite Posts? London Cupcakes and Sunday Tea and Cake!

Behind the Past

Mallory James’ blog is a collection of articles that combine to become the Nineteenth Century Handbook! While my own undergraduate and graduate work focused on early medieval history, I’ve always been interested in Regency and Victorian cultural history. Mallory’s posts are short but informative, and are readable and entertaining. I would recommend this blog for anyone interested in the nineteenth century, or anyone trying to get someone else interested in history! Favourite Posts? Five Pieces of Regency Etiquette and Review: Lucy Worsley- Mozart’s London Symphony!

What Olivia Did

Olivia is a young twenty something living in London with a fantastic sense of style, AND A WESTIE. YES, A WESTIE. This is essentially my ideal blog, and I don’t think another blog will top this! I can get lost in her blog for a few hours without realising it. I can find everything I’m interested in- Westies, style, baking, London, you name it! Also, design-wise, it’s just a beautiful blog that makes you want to look at it. Seriously, go read this Olivia’s blog!! Favourite Posts? Meet Maggie and What I Learnt on a Yoga Retreat!

A Lady in London

Apparently the theme of this month’s blogs is London- this blog follows Julie’s travels, in London and elsewhere. She quit a corporate job almost a decade ago, and now spends her time travelling the world (102 countries thus far!). She has some fantastic London guides, in addition to guides and posts on numerous cities and countries. If you are at all interested in travel, I would recommend giving this blog a read! Favourite Posts? Lady’s Ultimate London Travel Guide and Lady’s Guide to a Hunt Ball in Scotland!

Honourable Mention

Type A Advice

This is a newer blog but it covers a range of topics that fall nicely into “adulting”- how to stay organised, healthy, and a functioning adult. It sounds easier than it is, and it’s nice to know that someone else is going through the same things that I am! I also love that she appreciates planners as much as I do. Favourite Post? Calendars, Planners, Agendas… Oh My!Calendars, Planners, Agendas… Oh My!Calendars, Planners, Agendas… Oh My!

Tell me, what blogs are you reading? What should be my next stop? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


One thought on “Blogs I Follow, September 2016

  1. sarahpratley September 7, 2016 / 7:16 am

    Thank you so much for the mention, this is so kind of you! So glad to hear my blog has been helping you find London spots, I also use all kinds of blog posts and social media to find them!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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