Just Keep Moving, or The Fitness IS Happening

This week has been a fitness success! Originally I was going to do two days at lunch, three max, but I decided to push it when I saw the benefits. A knee brace and a can-do attitude will take you far!

The Walk App.png

Monday and Tuesday? 35 minutes of power walking on the track at the gym! I was enjoying the Zombies, Run! app but it turns out that you can only get one new episode a week after the first four. I wasn’t 100% sold on it, not enough to pay $7.99 to unlock everything else. However, I found a new app that was only $4.19 for the entire app, The WalkYou begin in an Inverness train station, when an EMT bomb explodes, knocking out the power in all buildings, vehicles, and devices. You are the chosen one to carry a device that can save everyone to Inverness! It’s 500 miles of walking, and on the way you have to figure out who did it while escaping “The Burn” (people who are trying to kill you). Each episode is roughly 30-40 minutes long; I have it set to measure movement by steps, so as long as I keep moving the game progresses. I find that audio is very immersive- I’m fairly certain that I jumped about eight feet in the air when the bomb exploded and the gunshots started. My only frustration is that there isn’t anything “in between” episodes if you only have have a few moments and want to walk a bit. I think that I will save the Zombies, Run! episodes for the shorter walks.


Wednesday? Finally back to a full yoga class! It wasn’t my favourite instructor- it was quite focused on the work out aspect rather than the yoga aspect- but it felt wonderful to move through a complete sequence and start moving again. It was a flow sequence that really stretched out my calves, something that I didn’t know needed stretching. I’m excited to jump into two full yoga classes a week! It is tough to come home and exercise, as work is draining the life from me currently. Working at a university means that the end of August and September is your craziest time and that you will have little to no energy when you get home. I’m hopeful that I can use this long weekend to interject a little yoga back into my evenings! The only downfall to this class is that it burned all of the calories in my body and I was starving to the point of eating a whole cow by the time I had changed and started back to my office. I’ll need to plan my eating schedule better!

Thursday? Back to Zumba! I was tired on the way there but spending 45 minutes dancing and bopping around to upbeat pop music really energised me for the afternoon. I found that my brace really made a difference throughout the class, and my knee wasn’t sore afterwards. This instructor will be teaching one of the Zumba classes during the fall, but there is a new instructor for the second class. Apparently this new instructor talks a lot and her dances aren’t great (from the pre-class chatter),  but I’m still interested to see what her style is. New doesn’t have to mean bad!

Friday? A break! I ran to the library on my lunch and grabbed a book 🙂 Time to give myself a day to breathe.

I’m proud that I stayed active all week long! It is still a little tiring, getting my stamina back, but it feels worth it. I’m sleeping a little bit better, my muscles are feeling a little bit looser, and my energy levels are slowly rising! Exercise for the win.

Do you find that your workouts change with the seasons?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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