Fraternity Friday, Recruitment Insights- Part IV

This is week for the conclusion of my Recruitment Insight series, my chapter sister Carolina joins us with her thoughts! Carolina is a spectacular recruiter- she is out-going and friendly, and a wonderful listener. She is wonderful at getting to know PNMs while introducing them to Panhellenic life and Alpha Gamma Delta, and I knew that she would have some fantastic tips for recruitment! 


1. Did you go through formal recruitment or information recruitment?
I went through informal recruitment.

2. What is your favourite memory of recruitment? 
My first meeting with the group was the Christmas Party and I remember looking around at this large group of women spending time together and think “this is so cool”.

3. What is your favourite round or event in recruitment? 
The sisterhood round, because essentially that’s the whole point of this organization. To build that bond and have fun with one another!

4. What is your number one piece of advice for PNMs going through recruitment?
Go in with an open mind, and please try try try to break out of your shell a little bit. It is so hard to get to know someone who is shy and only responds with one word answers, and then some girls get disappointed.

5. What is your number one piece of advice for collegians during recruitment?
Look for substance in girls, pick girls you can see holding different offices and who will actually make a difference and be leaders in their own way in the chapter.

6. If you are (or theoretically were, for alumnae) recruiting right now, what is the top quality you look for in a PNM? 
Loyalty / dedication / commitment.

I’m sending a huge thank you to Carolina for always being willing to take the time to answer my questions with thoughtful answers- I couldn’t ask for a better sister in Junior Circle! Being that recruitment is key to the survival of our organisations, I think that we need to remember that we need to look past general feelings of like/love for a PNM and really think about what they can offer your chapter and your organisation. Most people can make friends with a wide variety of people, so chances are, you will like a great deal of the women going through recruitment. However, not all of those women will be leaders, hold offices, and give back to your organisation. And similar to what Kristin said in Part II of this series, PNMs: we want to know why you want to go Greek, and what you will give back to us. And we want to get to know you, not just exchange 5-6 words. Give us a chance!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, I love recruitment. While some members see it as draining, I see it as energising. It is a chance to find your place in an organisation for life, in something bigger than you.

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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