But Which Book Should I Read?

I’ve been struggling lately to find books that are truly interesting to me, rather than one that seems okay. Over the years I have come to realise that this is fairly normal for me, that I want to read but nothing is appealing to me. What I haven’t realised yet is what I can do about it. I continually scroll through Goodreads and the library and bestseller lists to see if there is anything that jumps out at me, I ask everyone I know for recommendations, I spend hours looking at “If you liked THIS, try THESE”, and even spent a good deal of time in bookstores just wandering through the aisles. Because I am in a bit of a drought, and I just got back from a trip, this is a bit of a shorter book post! However, overall, I quite enjoyed these ones! 

White Lies Emily Harper

White Lies, Emily Harper

This is your standard English chick-lit, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Natalie works as an accountant for a shoe company, until a shake up at the company sees her try her hand at marketing. Natalie and Oliver are fantastic protagonists; you are rooting for them to succeed and find happiness! I personally enjoyed being with Natalie at work the most- it’s where she shines, and you really see her personality. Overall, there weren’t too many crazy surprises, but that’s not typical of chick-lit anyways! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys chick-lit, 4/5 stars!

Pitch Perfect Mickey Rapkin

Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory, Mickey Rapkin

If you couldn’t tell from my Pitch Perfect and Sing It On posts, I love a cappella, and the surrounding drama that it creates. No, I cannot sing a note, but I will watch or read anything related! This non-fiction account of three a cappella groups in the mid-2000s is actually what Pitch Perfect is based on. It’s pretty much exactly what I thought it would be; however, I can see how it would have been an exposé of sorts in 2007. I loved getting to know more about the ICCA (championship) and seeing how these groups function over a long period of time. Because the tv shows and movies only really show them prepare for the ICCA, it was interesting to learn more about everything else that they do (which is a crazy amount of outside performances). My only criticism is that he followed two male groups and one female- it would have been nice to have one male, one female, and one mixed. Alas, still an excellent and entertaining read, 5/5 stars!

The Last Bookaneer Matthew Pearl

The Last Bookaneer, Matthew Pearl

I swear, airport bookstores see me coming and just start throwing books out to the front of the store knowing that inevitably I will probably buy one. This is especially problematic as I am trying to limit the number of physical books I buy. However, this one interested me, I was stuck in the Calgary airport for an extra hour and a half, and I was pretty sure that my dad would enjoy reading it, as well. We follow one of the last Bookaneers, or literary pirates, in the early twentieth century,  who is attempting to steal Robert Louis Stevenson’s last work from his plantation on the island of Samoa. An interesting concept, for sure. I found that discussion of literature was sometimes heavy-handed and inserted forcefully, and that there was too much allusion to other bookaneers and the profession in general without ever providing follow-up. However, if you are interested in historical fiction or travel fiction, I would give it a shot! 3.5/5 stars

Honeymoon in Paris Jojo Moyes

Honeymoon in Paris, Jojo Moyes

This is a novella that is a prequel to The Girl You Left Behind, something I didn’t realise until about halfway through- oops! It’s roughly 75 pages, and follows the two couples in Paris on their honeymoon, one in 1912 and one in the mid-2000s. It certainly changed the way that I thought about the men in the TGYLB, as you don’t really meet the husbands in it. This is a fast read, but if you like Jojo’s works, certainly worth an hour of your time! 4.5/5 stars

None of these books were from the library, so my grand total savings remains the same for now!

Serving Victoria– $37
The Sisters of Versailles– $18.75
Death of a Maid-$15
Death of a Perfect Maid– $15
Death of Yesterday– $15
Shopaholic to the Stars– $15
First Grave on the Right-$15
The Perfect Hero– $16
The Royal Palaces of London– $55
China Rich Girlfriend-$15
The Art of the English Murder– $18.50
I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star- $15
A Weekend with Mr. Darcy– $25
Razing the Dead– $10
The Girl You Left Behind– $12.25
Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style-$30.50
Bitter is the New Black– $15
You’re Never Weird on the Internet– $15
The Knockoff– $19.50
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery-
Alix and Nicky- $9.00
The Tao of Martha-
Game of Crowns- $30.75
Girl on the Golden Coin- 
I Regret Nothing– $19.50
The Wish List– $15.00
Grace’s Guide– $19.00
You Deserve a Drink- $13.50
The Madwoman Upstairs– $19.50
Eligible– $25.25

Grand Total Savings via Library Card- $570

Does anyone have any fiction recommendations? Anything that has jumped out and grabbed you?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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