Style Saturday, 27 August 2016

Style Saturday is back!! While it’s only been two weeks without it, it feels nice to come back to it. Style Saturday was one of the first posts on my blog, and it’s the longest running “series” (if you will) here on An Historian About Town! This week is two of my new favourite pieces, so of course, they are… Kate Spade! These pieces are both from the outlet/surprise sale, but I have linked a similar piece from the regular Kate Spade site if the outlet piece wasn’t available. 

Cut Out Spade Keychain, Kate Spade

While Kate Spade has some absolutely darling accessories that take the form of animals, objects, and fantastic prints, I think that some of the beauty lays in the simple pieces! The cut-out spade might be the hallmark of the outlet, but I think it is clean cut and a fantastic addition to my handbag. The bow, “Live Colorfully”, the cut out? All perfect! When I was at the outlet, it was 60% +20% off of most things, and I knew I had to snag this when I saw it! Originally it was $48 USD, but only $15.36 USD for me that deal- couldn’t have asked for a better price. (The link above is for a stand-alone spade keychain, but still simple and beautiful!)




Astor Court Small Rachelle, Kate Spade

I am the luckiest girl in the world with an amazing boyfriend who has bought me not one but two Kate Spade purses. My Cameron Street Maise is my fall/winter purse, and my Cobble Hill Little Curtis is my summer purse, but I want to make sure that the Little Curtis lasts for as long as possible! I’ve been looking at the quilted purses for probably a year now, but the two I was considering were over $350 USD each, much higher than I wanted to spend. I was perusing the surprise sale at the end of July and spotted this Rachelle for $99 USD. I’ve been curious to get a hold of a Rachelle for a while, as Kate Spade Girl has convinced me that it’s one of KS’s gems! Rachelle, $99, black, quilted? YES, YES, YES! I shipped it to M to take advantage of the cheaper shipping and paid less than $140 CAD total for it. So, far I’m loving it and I’ve received numerous compliments on it!

Kate Spade Astor Court Rachelle Handle Drop

Kate Spade Astor Court Rachelle Handbag

Kate Spade Astor Court Rachelle Interior Lining

Kate Spade Astor Court Rachelle Inner Nameplate

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my new handbag and my new keychain, that are paired together currently! It’s a relatively inexpensive purse, and I feel like I’ve updated my look for the summer and fall with it. I am impressed with my sale and outlet shopping, and next week’s Style Saturday will be the second part of my purchases!

What accessory has changed your look? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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