Travel Wednesday… Bark at the Park!

I flew out to see M nice and early on 9 August- why did I pick such an early flight? Because we had tickets to Bark at the Park with the Seattle Mariners that evening! M told me about it four or five months ago, and ever since I have been obsessed with bringing Daisy to see the Mariners. She is tiny and well-behaved and loves exploring, so it seemed like the perfect night out for her. She had never really been in the city- it was time for her to be a Westie About Town! 

We had a bit of a long drive to the game; coming from Whidbey Island, it starts with a 30 minute ferry ride. Daisy did really well on the ferry! She gave a few people that adorable westie smile when they walked by the care, but otherwise just hung out. All in all, we were in the car for about an hour and a half. Once we finally arrived, there were pups everywhere! Everything from tiny Yorkies and Chihuahuas to an absolutely massive Irish Wolfhound, there were well over a hundred dogs there. It was wonderful to see, and as a dog lover, it was the best sporting event I have ever been to.

Bark at the Park Daisy Westie Boyfriend

Teeny Daisy didn’t weigh enough to keep her seat down, so we spread her Bow Wow Blankie on the ground and held her in our laps when she wanted to be higher. She was a little nervous/restless for the first couple of innings with all of the new dogs coming in and out, but overall was perfectly behaved!! Most of the dogs were well-behaved, and I didn’t see any owners that weren’t being responsible for their pet. There were dog food samples and spray on doggie tattoos, travel food bowls, water dishes for the pups, doggie friendly sundaes, grass pads for potty, pretty much every single thing that you would need for your dog and more.

Bark at the Park Seattle Mariners Field

Overall, what we saw of the game was okay! We left at the end of the seventh inning- Daisy was getting restless and tired- and at that point, the Mariners were down 4-1. We found out the next morning that the Mariners won after fifteen innings! As cool as it would have been to see that, we would have most likely missed the last ferry and a certain Miss Daisy would have been pooped beyond recognition. I was able to see some very talented ball players, Miguel Cabrera was cool in particular.

Bark at the Park Mariners

Bark at the Park Mariners Hit

Bark at the Park Mariners Jumbotron

Clearly, I was there for Daisy and the other dogs…. I was surprised, we saw five or six other Westies! They all looked just as adorable as Daisy, and they were all really friendly.
Bark at the Park Westie spotting

Bark at the Park Westie Spotting 2

I was a little disappointed to only see one husky at the game, given that the University of Washington’s mascot is the Husky! However, they are larger dogs- I’m wondering if that’s why. Either way, the one that I did saw was floofy and adorable!
Bark at the Park Husky

Apparently Seattle is the Corgi capital of North America, or so it seems! I saw probably TEN different corgis, possible even more, at the game! They are all so cute and funny, and there was a lot of Corgi ba-donk-a-donk to go around. (If you haven’t already, I would recommend watching some YouTube videos of Corgis walking- they are the Beyonce of the dog world). We even met a Corgi duo that loved Daisy!! I think Corgis are hilarious, so seeing so many of them was a very pleasant surprise for me.
Bark at the Park Corgi Duo

This guy was just flopped right over for a good five minutes at the edge of this grass pad, and he looked like he was having the time of his life- you go, little Corgi dude!
Bark at the Park Corgi Flop

My absolute favourite part of the game without any hint of a dount was…. THE SIMBA CAM!!! Yes, they play the intro music from The Lion King and everyone holds up their pup, Simba-style. And pretty much everyone did it- that Husky up there? HE WAS HELD UP LIKE SIMBA. I have never been happier than seeing Daisy as a teeny Simba!

Bark at the Park Daisy Simba Cam Westie

Bark at the Park Daisy Westie Simba Cam

Overall, this is one of my favourite dates with M, and Daisy, of course! The weather was wonderful (not too hot, not too cold), the game was entertaining, all of the other dogs were friendly and fun, and it was just something different! If you have a chance, I would recommend taking your dogs to a game- I know that a lot of teams from different leagues and sports host similar events.

What kind of events do you take your pets to? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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