Fraternity Friday, Recruitment Insights- Part I

Welcome back to another series on Fraternity Friday! For those of you that don’t know, recruitment season will be shortly upon sorority women across the continent. Recruitment is huge for sororities- you will spend time crafting, practising conversational skills, decorating, and who knows what else to prepare for Potential New Members (aka PNMs).  This series is a short, four part series, and features sorority women sharing their recruitment experiences and advice! This week, Marcie was wonderful to share her thoughts with us- she is from the Delta Kappa chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta at the University of Alberta, and is currently serving her regional alumnae club and on the Volunteer Service Team!  Without any further adieu…


1. Did you go through formal recruitment or informal recruitment?
Officially informal recruitment, however because I was part of a re-installing pledge class our recruitment process was different as it had elements of both formal recruitment (example, we had Delta Nu come up and preform a preference event) and an informal recruitment elements ( table set up with just Alpha Gam information not Panhellenic) as well as the unique component of having alumnae members of international council and the extension committee come to formally interview us before we were offered a bid.

2. What is your favourite memory of recruitment?
Of my recruitment – reading the purpose for the first time and speaking with the Leadership consultant about Alpha Gamma Delta.  Of the formal and informal recruitments I participated in as an initiated member – Preference Night> I am a sucker for all things ritual.

3. What is your favourite round or event in recruitment?
Preference as stated above.

4. What is your number one piece of advice for PNMs going through recruitment? 
Although the women you will be spending your time with are important, they should not be your main factor in deciding which organization is right for you.  The decision to join a Fraternity is for life, not just during your university career, and so it is important that what the organization stands for (in Alpha Gamma Delta’s case the Purpose) needs to match who you already are.  If you need to change yourself to fit to it, you will never truly enjoy and connect with the experience and the organization.

5. What is your number one piece of advice for collegians during recruitment?
Enjoy it, embrace it, and pay attention to the skills you will learn from it.  It is amazing how many interpersonal, interview, organizational and time management skills you learn from recruitment events that you will use in other areas of your life as you get older.

6. If you are (or theoretically were, for alumnae) recruiting right now, what is the top quality you look for in a PNM and why?
Alpha Gamma Delta has alumnae recruitment and initiates, so recruitment is not something that just stops because you are no longer a collegiate.  What I always look for and ask myself is does that woman already live the Alpha Gamma Delta purpose without even knowing that she does, regardless if the woman I am meeting is a potential collegiate or alumnae member.  Why, because who wants to join and make a lifetime pledge to an organization that they don’t believe in?  If you join only because the friend, sister, mother did it you won’t find your connection and in the end you are unhappy, and the organization as a whole suffers. I am not saying I then expect every sister to continuously volunteer and attend all things Alpha Gam or make Alpha Gam the main priority in their life for the rest of their lives, but I want all sisters to be proud of the organization they chose to join and support it, be it through participation directly with Alpha Gamma Delta, or just doing their own thing and it shows they are Living With Purpose.

A huge thank you to Marcie for sharing her thoughts and advice with us!! I completely agree with Marcie- why join an organisation and make a lifelong commitment if you don’t connect to it’s core values? You may move to a completely new city or country, and the sisters that you meet there may be entirely different from those at your collegiate chapter. What will bond you together is your organisation’s core values that every member pledges to uphold. PNMs, please take the time to really think about the organisations you are meeting and what it is they stand for- that is what will stay with you for life.

What is your recruitment advice? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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