A Blog Announcement

Hello one and all! I’m just letting you know that I will have 2-4 posts a week for the next two weeks, instead of my usual daily posts- I will be going to visit M in Seattle, and then getting back to life for a few days after. Posts will go up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and maybe Saturday for those two weeks! Everything will resume as normal on Monday, August 22nd, you can look forward to my daily posts again. I think that everyone needs a small break at a point, and I will be refreshed when I come back.

That being said, if there is anything you want to see in the blog, please feel free to comment or send me an email at anhistorianabouttown@gmail.com! I’ve been trying to incorporate everyone’s requests into the blog- I am hoping that you are enjoying the increased numbers of fitness and book posts. In late August, there will be some fitness posts to get you moving out of your desk and enjoying the fall weather while you can! My reading slowed down a touch in early July, but is back on pace, and I will have quite a number of books that I will be reviewing and recommending.

Does anyone else ever take a short hiatus from their blog to recharge? Do you find it spurs your creativity? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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