Fraternity Friday: The Junior Circle That Could

So, Fraternity Friday is back from a brief hiatus! While I love writing Fraternity Friday (they are some of my favourite posts), it was nice to take a bit of a break and re-charge. This isn’t specific to Fraternity Friday, but sometimes I find that a small break can make the world of a difference! Also, I do understand that these are quite niche. BUT, I do have big news about our Junior Circle…..

Junior Circle Award

WE WERE ON THE HONOUR ROLL FOR OUTSTANDING JUNIOR CIRCLE AT THE ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2016 CONVENTION!!!!!! Out of all of the Junior Circles, all of whom have been so active, hosting amazing philanthropic events, supporting collegiate chapters, and staying involved in the Fraternity, and we were chosen for the honour roll. I am still blown away, and so unbelievably proud of us. What’s even more crazy is that I follow the other two Junior Circles on social media and I’m always blown away by everything they do.

Sometimes it feels like a salmon swimming upstream- we just don’t have a lot of alumnae turnout here AND Greek Life is a mystery to most everyone. But looking back on the past two years, all of the work and time and frustration and confusion has been worth it- I have meet and grown closer with sisters that I wouldn’t have had the chance to. Yes, we planned Beta Gamma’s 85th anniversary, which was a major event, and two IRD’s in that time. And we have planned and hosted monthly brunches and sisterhood events and meetings. We have raised money and given our time to worthy causes. But at the end of the day, I have three new best friends and sisters, and that is worth more than anything.

We have some very cool events coming up in the next half year, and I’m hoping that there are a few more people coming out who have lately expressed interest. We are focusing on the sisters that are coming out and putting time in, instead of focusing on trying to drag people who aren’t interested out. They know where and how to find us! I want to put my energy into supporting the sisters who are making the effort to connect. I am so proud of what the five of us have accomplished, and I am more than excited to see what else we can accomplish!

Greeks, what keeps you motivated to stay connected to your organisation? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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