Sing It On IS BACK!

So, last fall I discovered Sing It On on Netflix. It’s the real life version of Pitch Perfect, which is one of the best movies ever made. Sure, there are the people who are going to tell me that it’s ridiculous and just a comedy, but to those people, I say, I don’t care. I can’t sing to save my life. I have an awful, terrible voice that’s really of no use to music whatsoever. So, any chance I get to listen to people who can actually sing, I will take! It doesn’t hurt that they are literally the entire song, including percussion, melody, harmony, and traditional vocals. We are one episode into the second season of Sing It On, and I’ve already watched it 10+ times….

Sing It On Season 2.jpg

There is one noticable difference between the first season and the second, which is the number of groups that are featured. This year there are only four groups instead of five. The Hexachords and S#arp Attitude are from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Off the Beat is from the University of Pennsylvania, and Faux Paz is from the University of Maryland. The Hexachords and S#arp Attitude have somewhat of a rivalry, as S#arp Attitude’s beat boxer left to join the Hexachords. ACA-DRAMA, GUYS! Off the Beat and Faux Paz are in the same division, which provides a general rivalry but not as intense as UM Amherst groups.

We see a little bit of auditions, but no arguments over singers á la FSU in season 1! I would have liked to see more of the audition process, as I found it gave you a good idea of the group’s personality. They are also just fun to watch… You don’t get to see auditions for the Hexachords or Off the Beat, which is a bit of a bummer. You hear a solid 2 minutes on S#arp Attitude needing a new beat boxer- one member complains that no one who has auditioned can beat box, and then proceeds to beat box herself. This begs the question, why isn’t she  beat boxing?? See, this is why we need to see more of auditions! We are getting to know the group dynamics!

I have to say, this season’s talking heads are 1000x times better than last season. No Comment was always honest and genuine, but everyone else’s interviews felt rehearsed and fake. Whether or not you like them, I feel like everyone is being genuine and open. The whole point of docu-series is to get to know the subject matter, and it feels like we are getting to know the singers on a whole new level from last year. Mitul, Rohan, and Linnea are all really entertaining to watch, and I’m hoping that we continue to hear from them throughout the season!

I don’t have a definite favourite group this season yet- it’s going to be a different experience not binge watching it this year. I mean, I’m super addicted to it, so I don’t love having to wait a week to see a new episode. I’m intrigued to see the next episode with actual competition, and to get to know everyone more. We so far only have the token 2 from each group- not necessarily indicative of what the group is actually like.

I’ve probably spent too long talking about this already, but this show is my drug and I can’t stop watching! If you are looking for something fun to watch and relax with, definitely give Sing It On a shot!

What is your go-to, relaxing tv show?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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