Style Saturday- 30 July 2016

I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t often have a chance to get dressed up. While I do usually dress up instead of down for work, dressing up for work isn’t the same as dressing to go out! I’m not a huge bar star/clubber and I don’t have a huge number of formal events to head to throughout the year. So, I spent quite a deal of time trying to figure out exactly what I was going to wear to Barre After Hours. Originally I had planned on buying a blush tulle skirt, but I decided against it- as much as I would have loved it, I really doubt I would wear it enough to make it worth paying that much. I was going to borrow a black tulle skirt, but I decided against that, too, because I had no idea what to wear on the top. 

However, I was perusing the RW & Co website, as I am want to do, and I spotted a dress that stood out to me: The Fit and Flare Dress with Bow!


It is a beautiful navy crepe, it hits me perfectly at the knees, and I couldn’t love the bow more! I love bows, but sometimes Kate Spade features them a tad too whimsically for my liking. I love that it is prominent without drawing your attention away from the dress as a whole! Shoutout to the pockets, also. I don’t know the last time I tried on something this flattering or comfortable. I plan on wearing this to a wedding that I have in the fall!

Carolina, who looked gorgeous in that pink, kindly lent me those fantastic Guess wedges that you see on my feet! For anyone who says they can’t wear heels, I would recommend trying wedges. Your weight is distributed overly a fairly wide area- it makes it a lot easier to gain height but not have feet that are killing you in the first hour.


The hair is not my handiwork, but the make up is! I’m slowly trying to get better at my make up- I used THREE EYESHADOWS AT ONCEI’m sure a regular person will say, “well, sure, that’s normal” but it is witchcraft to me.

I am super proud of how pulled together I look! It was pouring all day, but my outfit wasn’t crushed by the rain, I was able to get my hair to stay curled, and my make up didn’t melt off my face. SUCCESS! I am so happy that I bought this dress, and I will be wearing it as often as I can!

What is your number one, ride or die store? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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