Blogs I Follow, July 2016

I’m really happy that I have had more time to poke around and discover new blogs- I have found some absolutely wonderful blogs this month! I won’t lie, these posts are some of my favourites to write. It’s lovely to nose around blogs for a few hours and focus on a handful of bloggers- reading multiple posts from one blogger really gives you more of a feeling for their blog! I hope that you enjoy this month’s picks:


Curly Girl Abroad

Elisabeth’s travel blog is gorgeous and fun and covers a huge number of countries and cities! I find that some bloggers focus solely on the specs and tips- THIS is how you use transportation, THESE are uncovered gems that everyone has to see, THIS is what you have to pack. But Elisabeth includes all of these things while still sharing her honest and open thoughts, and it is refreshing. Life isn’t a Pinterest post, and I really feel like I am actually there with her- like she travelled to travel, and not to blog, and is nice enough to share with all of us. Favourite Posts? London in One Day and Hiking in Luxemburg!

Kaptivating Thoughts

Kaptivating Thoughts is a wonderful lifestyle blog that I recently discovered- I love that Kelly is not a college lifestyle blogger. While college is wonderful, for those of us that are embedded in our careers, sometimes it is nice to have someone who is at a similar point in life. She is well-spoken, creative, and just lovely. I have lined up quite a few of her DIY posts to do! Also, shout out to another Greek alumna- she is a ΣΔΤ!! Favourite Posts? A New Year and a Lot of Goals and July Book List!

Tasteful Adventure

Alison’s blog is a great lifestyle blog that focuses on her gluten-free eating. I have family members and friends who need to either cut down on or eliminate gluten from their diet altogether, so I love her insights and recipes! She is straightforward and honest, which makes you want to keep coming back. Favourite Posts? Things They Never Tell You About Working Out and The Reality of Greek Life!

Hosting and Toasting

A blog that predominantly discusses hosting events?? YES, PLEASE. Brittney Ann has posts about how to host pretty much any sort of adult event, and as someone who loves to host events, I was super excited when I found this blog! She usually mixes high and low items, so it won’t be all hot dogs and beer or all champagne and foie gras, but a mix. I find that with my mid to late twenties crowd, this hits the exact right note. She also features beauty topics, fitness, recipes, and travel! Favourite Posts? Show Some Love and Champs and Cookie Decorating Party!

Life With Emily

Emily’s blog is polished and professional, and always fun to read. I will admit to be fascinated by the South and Southern culture- her lifestyle blog based in North Carolina certainly fits that. While I usually gravitate to European travel blogs, Emily’s Southern travels make me want to head down south to Charleston! One day I will look that polished when I travel. Favourite Posts? What to Wear to a Summer Wedding and My Top Summer Book Recommendations!

Honourable Mention

The Working Prepster

I might have let out a tiny shriek when I discovered a blog specifically aimed at professional women. I am super excited to see where Morgan takes this blog! Favourite Post? First Day!

Once again, let me know if you check out any of these blogs! And please leave any recommendations in the comments below- yours or someone else’s blog!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

4 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow, July 2016

  1. kaptivatingthoughts July 20, 2016 / 5:53 am

    I am SO honored that you featured me in your post and I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the content on Kaptivating Thoughts! I can’t wait to look around your blog more and share your posts with my friends too (: xoxo!


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