How a Blog Post Actually Happens

I know that every blogger has their own way of writing, editing, and publishing, but I’ve received a few emails inquiring into my own process, so I thought that I would share how the magic happens. (Or how the rambling happens, depending on your view….) 


  1. Post Topic is Planned 1-4 Weeks in Advance
    It depends on how organised I am at the time, but I plan my posts ahead! My regulars (Travel Thursday, Fraternity Friday, and Style Saturday) require less thought- I know the topic, just not the specifics. However, roughly half of my posts are standalone posts, and those require planning. I try not to have 4 career related posts within a week and a half, I try to make sure it isn’t months in between recipes, I try to make sure it is as balanced as possible. The schedule is not set in stone, though! Posts change all the time, depending on what’s running through my head.
  2. Posts are Written on Friday/Saturday/Sunday for that Week.
    I like to sit down and write most of my posts on the weekends! It gives me more time to write, I usually find that I am more creative if I spend more time at once writing, and it allows me to dedicate more time to reading, commenting, and sharing during the week!
    a) Post is actually written- roughly an hour per post.
    b) I upload and/or find suitable pictures for the post.
    c) I incorporate all relevant links to posts and products that are references.
    d) I make sure that there is a link for my Twitter and Facebook pages.
    e) I tag appropriately!
    Start to finish, an hour and a half for a post.
  3. Check Post, Blog Email, Twitter, and Facebook Page Daily for Comments and Messages. 
    Everyone blogs for a different reason, but I blog for the community aspect. I find it frustrating when people don’t answer comments ever! I know that some just fall through the cracks and I totally understand. However, when you take the time to write a thoughtful comment, email, or message, it sucks to have it just ignored. I try to stay on top of everything and stay engaged- that’s how I’ve made the blogging friends I have 🙂
  4. Review Stats and Comments on a Monthly Basis
    I don’t always care when a post isn’t popular, because if I enjoyed writing it, it was worth it. However, sometimes you spend twice the amount of time on a post, you find the perfect pictures, you make sure to find alllllllll of the appropriate links, and…. nothing. Crickets. No response, no comments, no views, no nothing. If I’ve written 2-3 posts on a topic and they have turned up empty on the response front, it’s time to rethink writing about that topic, or at least not putting an excessive amount of time into it.


So, what is your blogging process? What do you find works for you? Are you a planning blogger or a spur of the moment blogger? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


One thought on “How a Blog Post Actually Happens

  1. Hammad Rais July 18, 2016 / 5:39 am

    This is really an amazing way to blog. I should try this out but unfortunately, I can’t.


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