Ballet Class- Staying On Top of Everything

Week three of my summer ballet class has come and gone! The more that I dance, the more that slowly filters back into my brain and the more that my muscles are slowly returning to their dancer state. I’m still incredibly sore after class and briefly wonder how I managed when I was dancing 5-6 days a week, but then I also remembered that if you dance every day your muscles don’t actually ever tighten up….

My goal for the next two weeks, and for the entirety of August, is to improve my flexibility! Yoga does keep me fairly flexible and limber, but not in exactly the right way. Very few poses actually use turnout, and nowhere close to the degree that ballet does. I’m going to go back to good old fashioned stretching every day! Nothing too crazy for the time being, simply 15-20 minutes keeping my muscles loose. I am hoping that I can work on more intense stretching when my regular class starts during the year. So, how did this week go?


My knees were still fairly sore going into class, but I decided to dance fully throughout. I realised about 50% of the way through the class that it wasn’t a great plan… On the positive side, my balance is still on the way up! I am still amazed that hearing corrections phrased differently can make the world of difference. I have really been focusing on the backs of my legs when balancing to stop from griping my quads, and I am feeling much more solid.

Unfortunately, I am still struggling with Cechetti terminology, inflections, and positions. We learned the eight positions of the body, which is apparently some sort of holy grail for Cechetti students. I’ve been running through them once a day to try and solidify them in my memory. It has become hugely apparent that R.A.D habits die hard and that it will probably take me years to adapt to new head positions, arm positions, and exercise patterns.

I marked jumps and turns in Wednesday’s class, and I think Monday will be the same. My knees are improving but still a little sore, and I want to make sure that they actually are able to heal. Although I wasn’t jumping, I used that time to work on balances! IΒ love petit allegro, which are series of quick and fast jumps and steps- I’m a little upset that I’m not able to participate. Given that I am taking a year long class though, I am focusing on the fact that I need to be fit in the long term.


I did my usual yoga and zumba classes at lunch this week, as well! I am hopeful that we move on past the moon sequence that we have been doing for the past month. While it is an interesting and engaging sequence, I’m a little bored of it. Because it is so quad heavy, I have to modify everything to make sure my legs aren’t burnt out for ballet. Hopefully another sequence will alleviate that! Zumba was much better this week- less people, and everyone respected personal space. It does look ridiculous, but it’s kind of the perfect workout for lunchtime. It gets the blood pumping and you just have FUN. Fingers crossed this is offered more than once a week during the year!

How are your fitness and health goals going this summer?Β 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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