Ballet/Fitness Update: Week 2

Last week was the second week of my summer ballet class, and while there were some definite challenges I still enjoyed it. 

I was not the brightest of people. On Monday, before ballet, I was walking Loki with my brother. I decided to run the last 1/2 to 3/4 of a km because it started raining and I didn’t have other clothing to wear on the way to class. Turns out that I shouldn’t have run that far in moccasins on concrete- my knees hurt for days. Wednesdays class was a little tough, especially when we got to jumps at the end. It was so bad that I had to take steps half a step at a time, and I had to come downstairs a little early to give myself time to get up and down. I knew I was old, but quite frankly, this confirms it. I think I will throw a pair of running shoes in the car to make sure I have proper footwear when I am out for more walks. I have been limiting my exercise the rest of the week to give my knees as much of a break as I possibly can.  So, the week?

Royal Winnipeg Ballet A Cinderella Story.jpg
I love all of the RWB company memorabilia around the studio! I always spot something new each class.

Monday– I took it easier at lunch today at the gym, I walked the track instead of running. I’m really trying to make sure that my legs aren’t tired for class. My quads and glutes are still adjusting back to ballet, that’s not happening quite as quickly as I would like. Walking was much easier on them. And then there was the stupid half run- I learned my lesson. Class was wonderful, my muscle memory is improving still! I’m remembering the exercises, I’m remembering my corrections (from this class and past corrections), and I’m slowly remembering how to correct myself and improve. I’m just enjoying it, and loving the feeling of dancing again.

Tuesday– I decided to do yoga tonight, and see if my legs would loosen up. Well, here is when I really realised that my knees were sore. When you want a really good workout from your yoga sequence, go with Erica Vetra. Adriene will offer you a slow burn, but Erica fires everything up right away!

Wednesday– During the summer, the group classes at my gym are limited. The yoga class is only offered at lunch on Wednesdays, and I don’t want to miss out, so I’m still hugely modifying everything to ease off my quads. We did the third week of moon salutations, which is a big quad workout. I pretty much did the easiest iteration of each asana and used the practice to focus on my breathing and timing. If nothing else, it’s getting me moving and out of the office!
Ballet class toady was a bit more of a struggle, just because of my knees. I am taking it as easy as I can while still fully participating. We found out today that we will be starting new barre exercises on Monday; not sure how I feel about that! I suppose it is good for my mental muscles, but I was using my muscle memory of the actual steps to free up my mind to work on technique. I need to get used to thinking about the choreography and technique at the same time, again. I registered for the fall, so I will be taking a class at RWB during the year. To quote my nephew, “Yaywhooo”!

Thursday– Today was zumba again! I love that I get to dance for 45 minutes at lunch, but this class was tough. There was probably 30+ people, instead of the normal 20-22, and roughly half were new. I was hit 5 times, by people running into me or not paying attention to what their arms and legs were doing. I can appreciate that not everyone has extensive bodily kinesthetic knowledge, but if you repeatedly hit someone, you need to find your own space. I always stand around the outside so that I can be close to my waterbottle. These two girls forced their way in beside me and shoved me to the middle; in addition to not having my waterbottle close by, they also laughed at everything the whole way through. Don’t laugh at your exercise class 😐

I took the rest of the week off to give my knees a rest. I did a slight bit of stretching on Sunday to loosen up for Monday!

What kind of cross-training do you do? How do you find it affects your performance?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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