Style Saturday, 2 July 2016

And now for the final week of my June style challenge! All in all I spent less than $20 on clothing in the month of June (that Old Navy skirt got me!!), and while I don’t know that I came up with any truly “creative” outfits, I broke my habit of continually wearing the same 6-7 outfits! I plan on continuing to branch out in my wardrobe for the month of July- the new challenge will be detailed below! For anyone who isn’t sure, here are the rules I was following for June:

  1. I need to wear at least four unique outfits for the work week- meaning that an item may be repeated but the combination may not.
  2. I am allowed one repeat outfit per week (most likely Friday).
  3. If I go out on the weekend for something other than errands or the dog park, I need to include that outfit.
  4. If at all possible, I need to include a collage of outfits per week!
  5. I need to include my thoughts on why I wore what I wore that day.

I am actually impressed with myself, I didn’t use the repeat I allowed myself at all for the entire month! (If it was a particularly underwhelming outfit, I just didn’t always photograph it.)

So, my last week of outfits?

June 27- I typically wear this tank with navy pants or a navy skirt with a pink cropped sweater I bought in April, or a red cardigan. However, I love red and navy together, and I spotted this potential combination when I broke down on the weekend- I laid out all of my tops in a row and all pants/skirts beneath them. I then just kept switching pants until I found a “new combo”. It’s a cooler week, and this was a comfortable and less formal outfit- perfect for the summer! Also, I’m going to start clipping my hair back like this more often…

June 27 outfit of the day.jpg

June 28- I decided to be a bit more formal today! I enjoy dressing somewhat formally for week- it’s nice to look professional. However, our office gets fairly casual in the summer, and sometimes I stick out for being too formal. I bought this dress in September 2010, and I remember thinking $55 CAD for a dress is a little expensive as a student. Was I ever wrong. I have worn this dress probably several hundred times- it’s comfortable, it’s flattering, you can dress it up, you can dress it down, it’s helped me through academic presentations (Leeds Medieval Congress!!), interviews, big meetings, sorority events. You name it, it’s been there. I also love this blazer– it’s a touch more casual. It’s a cotton blend, and the polka dot liner poking out at the sleeve adds some whimsy! Also, it’s hard to tell, but I am wearing a handful of my Alex and Ani bracelets! I love Alex and Ani because you don’t have to take any charms on or off, you just decide which bangles you want to wear 🙂

June 28 outfit of the day.jpg

June 28- I was really interested in the red/navy combination, so I went back to it for Wednesday! I often wear this top with these pants, but usually with a navy cardigan for a monochromatic look. NOT SO TODAY, MY FRIENDS! I actually received quite a few compliments on my outfit today, which surprised me. I need to figure out how to dress this shirt up- perhaps my red blazer! I don’t love tucking it in, only because it cuts off the woman on the front. Still, comfortable and fun!

June 29 outfit of the day.jpg

June 30- It’s the final day….. and I’m ending on a very casual outfit! Thankfully, we have no work tomorrow (or yesterday by the time you read this- Thank you, Canada Day!), and half of the office has started their vacation early. It’s also pretty chilly out- only 12°C when I left for work. I grabbed my trusty black Dorothy Perkins jeans, and a basic H&M tee and cardigan. It was just comfy, and that’s nice before a long weekend 🙂

June 30 outfit of the day.jpg

Overall, I’m proud of myself! Style Saturday is going to be less about new items (though I will have some new items), and more about how I’m working with what I have! (I have been saving for the Nordstrom Sale at the end of July, so there might be a few pieces from that!) I’ve found something that helps is taking two outfits that I often wear and swapping something between them.

My July Style posts will be focusing on one outfit per week, but looking at it head to toe- clothing, accessories, jewellery, and shoes! I’m going to focus on accessorising and putting those extra touches in. I might need to diversify my jewellery collection to do this, and perhaps get a new pair of shoes, but I won’t be spending a ton!

Do you have any tips on accessorising a professional wardrobe?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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