This is what you want to see in the blog!

A few weeks ago, I posted a poll to see what you lovely readers are currently interested in seeing in the blog! While there are some posts that I do write for myself (and would be still be happy if not a single person read it), largely I like to make sure that the things I’m posting about are the things that you want to read. So, here are the results:Β 

Poll Results June 2016

So, overall- more travel, style, books, and fitness! I will stick with my weekly Style Saturday and Travel Thursday, and fitness on Sundays seems to work well! For those of you that want less style and less fitness, they will stay on Saturday and Sunday- if you want to avoid those, you can stick with my weekday posts!

My style posts will be more of my own wardrobe and less purchases! However, I have started trying some new beauty products so that will be returning to Style Saturdays. I’m also going to start trying to take some of my pictures outside for a different look, and hopefully clearer pictures. FYI, I live in a log home if you couldn’t tell, so expect quite a bit of wood….

Travel Thursday will most likely grow to include my travel tips and experience, as well as favourite places and future travel wishes! While I’m not hitting a new city every day, I have travelled quite a bit and amassed a fair amount of knowledge.

My fitness posts on Sunday will most likely not be day by day updates anymore- that was more for my own accountability in getting ready for ballet. However, if you would like more day by day updates, let me know if that’s what you want to see! I will have a fitness series up later in the summer, stay tuned.

Books will hopefully be once a week- at the least, I would guess 3/4 weeks a month! I’m reading a lot more again, so it’s probably easier if I don’t wait three weeks to do a book update… I think I’m also going to go back to sharing my favourite books and authors regardless of whether I am currently reading it!

As always, if there is anything you would like to see (or not see) on the blog, please let me know! I am always open to suggestions, and I love hearing feedback. Feel free to comment below, send an email to, or send a message to my Facebook page!Β 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!




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