Travel Thursday, Tunnel Mountain

The very last thing we did in Banff was a short hike on Tunnel Mountain. It offers a wonderful view of the town, the Fairmont, and the mountains if you can see them!

I will admit, I struggled a bit- although I’m doing well with running, I run on an elliptical, on the prairies. There is essentially no elevation. To continually hike on a steep incline in an already elevated place makes for a tough slog. However, I made it! We stopped about 80% of the way up; two hikers on the way back down warned us that there was an elk with her calf that had charged hikers in the last week. Couple that with Loki being there, and we decided it wasn’t worth the risk! All in all, it’s a beautiful hike!

Tunnel mountain banff 1.jpgTunnel mountain banff 2.jpgTunnel mountain banff 3.jpgTunnel mountain banff 4.jpgTunnel mountain banff 5.jpgTunnel mountain banff 6.jpgTunnel mountain banff 7.jpgTunnel mountain banff 8.jpgTunnel mountain banff 9.jpgTunnel mountain banff 10.jpgTunnel mountain banff 11.jpgTunnel mountain banff 12.jpg

This was the perfect way to end our time in Banff! We drove from Banff to Regina- not quite as long as our one day drive on the way out, but long enough. It felt great to get out and stretch our legs while we could. Loki also loved hiking! He got to smell soooooo many trees!

What is your number one hiking trail? 

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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