Trial- Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken Tacos

Welcome to week two of my summer of recipes! Originally I had planned on making Corck Pot Shredded Beef Tacos, but that recipe wasn’t really that appealing to me the more time I spent looking at it. Not sure why, because I love beef! I’ve only made chicken tacos a few times, and it’s really only quickly searing cooked chicken with taco seasoning, so it was time to branch out. What Megan’s Making has never let me down for a recipe, so I figured that this was worth a shot!

Crock pot bbq chicken tacos recipe.jpg

While I love eating barbecue, I’ve never actually made anything barbecue or barbecue-influenced. Enter: Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken Tacos! They intrigued me, and if nothing else, I figured my family would like them! They enjoy ribs and pulled pork and other slow cooker, bbq type meals, so this should appeal. 



-2 pounds boneless skinless chicken
-2 Tbsp Kickin Chicken Seasoning (or other chicken seasoning blend)
-½ cup barbecue sauce + ½ cup barbecue sauce for later
-16oz bag frozen corn, thawed
-2 Tbsp lime juice
-1 Tbsp olive oil
-1 tsp dried basil
-½ tsp dried cilantro
-salt & pepper
-1 small can crispy fried onions
-Tortillas, for serving
-extra taco toppings: sour cream, tomatoes, etc.


1. Rub mixture evenly over chicken and add chicken to slow cooker. Top with ½ cup barbecue sauce. Cover and cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 6-8 hours.
2. Remove chicken from slow cooker and shred using 2 forks. Add a ladle or two of the cooking juices and discard remaining. Toss with additional ½ cup BBQ sauce and return to slow cooker on keep warm setting until ready to serve.
3. Add thawed corn to large bowl. Add lime juice, olive oil, basil, and cilantro and toss until combined, adding salt and pepper to taste. Serve with tortillas and toppings.

Changes That I Made:

I didn’t go by weight, just put six average chicken breasts in the bottom of the slow cooker
-I used generic poultry seasoning, and omitted the salt and pepper (it’s already in most seasonings).
-I forgot the lime juice 😦
-I also omitted “crispy onions” because I don’t know if that is even a thing in Winnipeg.
-I cooked it for 3 hours on high, and then turned it down to low until we were ready to eat!

This was a rousing success! It was something different- the tangy, almost sweet barbecue sauce gave the tacos a very different taste than we are used to. For some reason, I never make corn to go with my tacos, but I will from now on! It almost reminded me of a burrito bowl- I enjoyed it with just lettuce and veggies, as actually on a tortilla. It was incredibly filling, and you don’t need a lot to fill a large tortilla. This would be a fantastic dish to make for a summer potluck- easy to make, and people can customise their taco to include whatever toppings they would like!


Next week’s recipe is still up in the air- what is your favourite baking recipe that I should try?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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