Paws in Motion 2016!

Huskitude was back at it again- we reformed for Paws in Motion 2016! Paws in Motion 2015 was so much fun that we had to come back again. The Winnipeg Humane Society is a wonderful organisation, and I respect everything that they do. The WHS does a great deal for the animals and people of Winnipeg, and I’m lucky to be able to volunteer as a Rabbit Wrangler! This walk, however, gives us all a chance to bring the dogs out and get in a good walk.

It was a mighty rainy day, but that didn’t stop us from coming out! Loki and Thorn didn’t seem to care much about the rain, and it really only rained at the beginning and very end. I don’t love to wear my Hunters for exercise, but Winnipeg has been quite a rainy city as of late, and there is sitting water.

Hunter Boots paws in motion.jpg

As a team, we were able to raise $580! I am proud of us- that is almost $200 more than last year! (Quite frankly, I was pretty late sending my email around to my office, so I might have had more if I had done that earlier.) I’m so thankful to everyone who sponsored our team! Those of us who spend time at the WHS see the difference that all of those donations make, and Paws in Motion is our biggest fundraiser of the year. It gets us out in the community, spending time with each other and meeting some new four legged friends!

There were quite a few pugs there, this year! I was impressed with them- although pugs aren’t known for having wonderful cardiovascular systems, they were leading the pack! And just adorable. That husky was so small but so cute and funny! And that hound was howling away throughout the walk haha.

Now, obviously I was westie spotting. Last year there were at least twelve westies there- I only counted six this year 😦 I was disappointed, but I suppose they have rather busy schedules!

Paws in motion westie 2.jpgPaws in motion westie 1.jpgwp-1466975199587.jpg

Westies just get me.

Loki thorn paws in motion.jpg

We stayed closer to the back of the walk, for more space and breathing room! Thorn got a little snappy, but I think that both pups had a good time. Loki met quite a few huskies who all loooooved him! (I might be biased with that assessment, but they kept coming back to see him again.) With it being so wet and rainy, there were certainly far less people out than last year. While you want to see as many people supporting the Society as possible, it is nice to not be hot and cramped and walking at a snail’s pace! Plus, we were able to get some samples from David’s Tea and Booster Juice! The WHS also takes care of owners 🙂

Loki thorn house .jpgLoki thorn assiniboine park.jpg

Loki and Thorn are in the market to buy their first house, and they finally might have found it!! And then, they found this lovely Adirondack chair to share in it!

All in all, this was great fun! I wholeheartedly recommend finding an organisation to volunteer with- you can give back to a cause that you feel passionate about, you can meet people with similar opinions, and it gets you out there in the community! Getting involved with the WHS is one of the best things that I have done. Paws in Motion is the highlight of my spring!

What organisation do you volunteer for?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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