Style Saturday, June 25, 2016

And here we are with the third full week of my “shopping my wardobe challenge”! I slightly failed the no shopping thing (explanation below), but I’m still looking at new combinations that I had never thought of before! This week was quite rainy at the beginning- meaning that was a bit chillier and perhaps dresses/skirts all work weren’t quite an option. Last summer I was pretty bad for continually styling pants with regular ol’ t-shirts for a chilly office, so I’m proud that I’m not quite so boring anymore. Once again, the rules:

  1. I need to wear at least four unique outfits for the work week- meaning that an item may be repeated by the combination may not.
  2. I am allowed one repeat outfit per week (most likely Friday).
  3. If I go out on the weekend for something other than errands or the dog park, I need to include that outfit.
  4. If at all possible, I need to include a collage of outfits per week!
  5. I need to include my thoughts on why I wore what I wore that day.

June 20- Okay, last week I said I was going to do my hair. Welllllll, our power was out on Sunday evening from about 630pm to 230am, meaning that I couldn’t shower before bed like I normally do. I don’t like to blow dry my hair unless absolutely necessary; it’s damage I’m not that committed to on a regular basis. I had to wake up about 45 minutes early to shower in the morning, so that hair right there is all natural. (Blargh, I don’t love my hair like that.) I decided to go for a more casual look by keeping this shirt untucked! I don’t know that I’ve ever paired them together- I often pair a neutral top with this brighter blue. However, time to branch out!

June 20 outfit of the day.jpg

June 21- Today was also chillier, but I was determined to make sure I did something with my hair! I find curling the ends a little offers a more polished look that doesn’t fall like a full head of curls does for me. This was another new pairing for me- I typically pair this red pair with navy, or straight black. (This probably says something about me that I continually pair the same items together….)

June 21 outfit of the day.jpg

June 22- One of my best friends that I work with is a lover of Mean Girls (really, aren’t we all at some point), and I knew I had to wear this shirt for her! On Wednesdays we wear pink, and this is pretty much the only pink I own! I paired it with my black modern stretch leggings. I wanted the design to stand out, and standard black pants seem the way to go! I’m really starting to get into these flutter sleeves, also….

June 22 outfit of the day.jpg

June 23- So, this is where I failed the no shopping challenge… Mom and I stopped at Old Navy on the way out to the lake, and I spotted this skirt! It was originally $29.95 CAD, and it was 40% off. Okay, for that deal, I was interested. I tried it on, and it was sooooo comfortable!! I also had to find a shirt that matched one of the colours in it, henceforth the t-shirt. When I get to the register, the skirt rang up at $4.49. FOUR FORTY NINE!!!! What a steal! The skirt and tee together were less than $17. I’m okay with breaking my no-shopping for June for $17. I still love the skirt, but I didn’t realise that the t-shirt was so big… This is an XS, and it was still huge. I mean, comfortable, but looks way bigger than I would like. I am very proud that I bought this skirt, because this is light years away from my comfort zone!

June 23 outfit of the day.jpg

June 24- Once again, my super comfy cotton skirt! So perfect for a day when we are supposed to have a temperature of 35°C with the humidex. I typically style this skirt with a blazer- I never know if it’s too casual of a skirt to not wear a blazer for balance. However, it’s Friday, and I’m gonna be crazy with a cardigan! (Crazy with a Cardigan, that’s going to be my secondary blog name.) And, I don’t think that it looks inappropriate for work, either!!

June 24 outfit of the day.jpg

Four more days- I can do this!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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