Blogs I Follow, June 2016

And here I am, back with this month’s blogs I’m currently reading! While these posts aren’t necessarily the fastest to write, I love writing these. I love going back through everything I’ve been reading this month, and seeing what sorts of thing I am reading/focusing on as of lately. 


Tea & Other Things

I’ve only recently discovered this charming blog, but it’s certainly on my list to watch out for new posts! I was already sold with tea, but adding in her artwork and travel really clinched it. It feels cozy and welcoming, and I’m excited to hear about her trip to Ireland! Favourite Posts? How Not to Pack (According to Pinterest) and Time for Tea!


As someone who has been in a long distance relationship for 3 years, I really appreciate knowing that other people have been in the same boat. Although M and I did live in the same place to start with and didn’t have to get know each other long distance, she has some fantastic ideas for couples in long distance relationships! Favourite Posts? Expat Life Lately and DIY Long Distance Mug!

Pineapple Street

Kathryn’s travel blog is a ton of fun to follow- she and her boyfriend Derek are travelling around Europe, and I’m loving living through her posts! I am entirely jealous of her travels; her itinerary is incredible. While backpacking isn’t for me, I am so impressed that she looks like she has a walk in closet and a stylist at her disposal!! (I certainly never look that put together when I travel.) Favourite Posts? Packing 101 and Exploring Berlin: Part I!

KJ’s Blog

KJ is a Kappa Delta alumna who is probably one of the most accomplished and well-spoken Greek alum that I have seen. I often feel like I am an oddball for continuing to be involved in my Greek organisation and striving to live those values still. However, KJ’s posts remind me that these organisations should be important to us, and that we can always be better members. Favourite Posts? M is for Mondays and Mentors and Fly Up!

Career Girl Daily

This is a collaborative project, and I love that there are posts for the young professional woman! I find that many lifestyle bloggers who do touch on career related topics stick with those related to career blogging. CGD does have some blogging related career posts, but they blog about non-blogging jobs. Favourite Posts? How to Stand Out at a Networking Event and What I Learned From Completely Messing Up a Job Interview!

Honourable Mention:

Prep of Boston

I just discovered this blog, and even though I am duty bound to be loyal to New York  (M’s family is from there), I love it! Kate has a great sense of style, and she presents pieces at several different price points. Favourite Posts? Transitional Pieces and Blair Waldorf Inspo!

What is your number one blog to read? What blogger should we be on the lookout for?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

3 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow, June 2016

  1. Kathryn June 20, 2016 / 3:49 am

    Thank you so much for including me on this list!! I really appreciate you following along with my blog. I laughed when I read your comments about my wardrobe because I feel the complete opposite on this trip. We literally have been wearing the same clothes, over and over and over again. Ah! Glad to hear it doesn’t appear that way in photos, ha! But thank you once again. I absolutely love following your posts, too!


  2. ldr13 June 21, 2016 / 12:11 am

    Thanks very much for the shoutout 🙂 I have started following some of the blogs you’ve mentioned previously and have now added tea and other things to my reader 🙂 can’t pass up a blog about tea and travel!

    I’m glad you enjoy my blog as I enjoy reading yours as well 🙂


    • anhistorianabouttown June 21, 2016 / 8:05 pm

      I’m so glad!!! And I do love your blog 🙂 So few people understand long distance relationships, and you are so well-spoken! I feel like I’ve found a kindred soul 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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