Fitness Update: A Bit of an Off Week

This week was an interesting week for exercise. I’m not going to lie, most of my evenings were spent trying to figure out this car thing. I struggled quite a bit with finding the motivation to do exercise. I’m also figuring out that if I exercise at lunch, I shouldn’t be exercising in the evening. While I physically can deal with it, I don’t think that exercising again in the evening is really helping me. My muscles end up so fatigued that I’m out of luck for the next day. Still, I made my way through the week! 


Sunday, June 12- I decided today that I’m going to focus on Kathryn Morgan’s Easy Ballet Barre Workout- I know that the work in my actual class will be far more difficult but this is allowing me to really work on my turnout, muscle memory, and general artistry. Plus, I very much enjoy the pieces she uses in this barre- Kathryn actually recorded all of the piano pieces in her workouts herself. I don’t think there is anything she can’t do…. I have found that actually changing into a bodysuit and tights helps me mentally be in the right headspace, and I’m getting used to the new bodysuits! Win win.

Monday, June 13-  I went with my standard 20 minutes of running, and 10 minutes of stretching at lunch. While it doesn’t push me further, it’s a nice start to the week and gives me a nice boost of energy for the day (and for volunteering later).

Tuesday, June 14- Today, I sadly did no exercise. It was an evening of thinking, and planning. Unhelpful when I am preparing for a ballet class…

Wednesday, June 15- Slowly getting back on track today- I did a yoga class at lunch today at the gym again. I figured out that it was the full expression of side planks last week that caused my obliques to feel like death for four days. I enjoy the instructor though, and she seems to have good flow. I am excited for a new flow next, week though.

Then I did the Easy Barre from Kathryn, again. I’m really starting to see a difference from when I first started again a month ago. I’m maintaining my turn out, I’m slowly building up my arches again, my back muscles are supporting my arms, and my muscles are lengthening.

Thursday, June 16- Today was Zumba, again! I am still torn on the instructor- she doesn’t participate in the entire class, and continually complains about how she has to work Thursday through Monday. If you are teaching one Zumba class a day, you should probably actually dance the whole 45 minutes. And most of us work five days in a row. It’s not overly motivating. However, to focus on the positive- it’s a mentally easy but does work your body well. Sometimes a good bout of cardio is just what you need!

Friday, June 17- Another day off. I was tired, very tired, and I packed for the lack. Also, my arches are fairly sore, for pointing and flexing whenever I am just sitting.


My goal for this week is a barre or yoga every single day, until Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be very light, as I will be starting class on Monday. I want my muscles to be in shape but not exhausted on the first day!

Although this lead up has been physically demanding, I’m so happy that I have been able to get back into ballet. It was such a big part of my life for so long. I did need a break, but getting back into it is moving me in  a positive direction. Also, ballet is one of the best workouts in my opinion, it works everything.

If you could only do one kind of exercise, what would it be?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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