Style Saturday- 18 June 2016

This was the third week (second full week) of my June wardrobe challenge! It is finally getting truly hot outside, 25°C and higher. While I do not love incredibly hot temperatures, I very much appreciate that the office is finally warming up! I’ve been able to wear skirts and dresses all week, something I’ve been waiting for. One thing I have noticed- I need to do something with my hair. I’ve been quite tired in the morning, and I’ve not done much with it. I don’t love that stick straight look, á la Avril Lavigne, but I need to start curling it again in the mornings! Next week’s goal. Also, I’m going to try and find a way to take pictures that aren’t quite so light…

June 13-It is warm, and I want to wear something comfortable! This is a skirt I bought on clearance from Dynamite a few weeks before I moved to Dublin; it is simple but cute, perfect for the summer! I’ve paired it with my red Smart Set blazer and my RW&Co printed letter tee.

June 13 Outfit of the day.jpg

June 14- This dress is also an older piece of mine, I found it at Forever 21 at City Creek Mall in April 2014. It’s a beautiful mint that doesn’t seem to be overly common, and it’s quite soft and comfortable! I paired it with my black Smart Set blazer to dress it up a little.

June 14 outfit of the day.jpg

June 15- This black sheath dress from Smart Set has been with me since September 2010- being a super poor university student at the time, I wasn’t sure that I should spend $55 on a dress. However, I took the plunge, and am so thankful now! A classic black sheath dress never goes out of style. I’ve worn it for job interviews, academic presentations (Leeds Medieval Congress!!), and more sorority events than I could count. One of my favourite dresses ever!! And of course, it was paired with my classic blue Kate Spade cardigan.

June 15 outfit of the day.jpg

June 16- Another one of my favourite Smart Set dresses, a red chiffon dress from December 2014! This is the perfect red that it suitable year round, and the pleats are a lovely touch. I decided to wear this because a) it’s been in my closet for a while not being worn for some reason, and b) I had a meeting today and thought I would look nice! Again, paired with my black blazer.

June 16 outfit of the day.jpg

June 17- Today was increeeeedibly rainy in the morning. Like the heavens opened up. But it was also really hot and muggy. So, what do you wear? Another Forever 21 classic! This polka dot skirt was acquired at the Forever 21 on Grafton Street in April 2013, in anticipation of my trip to Berlin. Turns out I didn’t need it in Berlin, but that was a really hot summer in Dublin. Annnnnyhoo. I paired this navy/white skirt WITH POCKETS with a simple red H&M tshirt and cardigan!

June 17 outfit of the day.jpg

This was clearly a week of dresses and skirts, and it was a lovely change. It’s so cold here in the winter, that sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing a dress and tights and leggings and maybe even snowpants, so you have to embrace it in the summer! I’m also enjoying bringing out some older pieces that I don’t often wear- I actually spent some time looking through all of my dresses to see what I actually have, and I think you will be seeing more next week, too!

Does your work wardrobe change with the seasons, or is it pretty standard?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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