Style Saturday- 11 June 2016

We are onto the second week of June, and the second week of my no shopping challenge. It has been getting a little tough, as my office is pretty cold. If it’s not at least 25°C outside, it’s definitely a pants-and-sweater-and-outfit-kind-of-day. The unfortunate thing is that I’m not really able to be creative with what I have. Fingers crossed it warms up in the office! To recap, here are the rules:

  1. I need to wear at least four unique outfits for the work week- meaning that an item may be repeated by the combination may not.
  2. I am allowed one repeat outfit per week (most likely Friday).
  3. If I go out on the weekend for something other than errands or the dog park, I need to include that outfit.
  4. If at all possible, I need to include a collage of outfits per week!
  5. I need to include my thoughts on why I wore what I wore that day.

June 5- This is a bonus picture from Sunday! It was a beautiful day, and we were finally able to take Loki and Thorn to the dog park. (Or rather, I was able to actually go to the dog park.) It was warm and sunny, and I sunscreened from head to toe! I brought out my Smart Set shorts and grabbed my Westie Rights Activist t-shirt; the best boyfriend makes you Westie themed t-shirts. I finished it off with my Kate Spade fedora.

June 5 Outfit of the Day.jpg

June 6- Chilly office means my favourite red pants and my favourite Kate Spade top! As you can tell, red is still my go-to colour. This top isn’t ridiculously hot, but it’s nice and warm in an arctic-AC office.

June 6 Outfit of the Day.jpg

June 7- Still frozen, therefore I still require pants. I’m also still exhausted, so Kate Spade is still required. Thankfully, this sweater is fairly bright and light, and it’s great for the summer! I paired it with my black RW&Co leggings, of course. Turns out those pants were a fantastic investment.

June 7 Outfit of the Day.jpg

June 8- I’ve been trying lighten everything up, so I was a little disappointed that I picked black. However, the pants are fairly bright and I needed a shirt that matched my cardigan. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? And it’s nice to wear my Alpha Gam cardigan sometimes.

June 8 Outfit of the Day.jpg

June 9- Today, it was brutally hot outside. ENTER: NO PANTS!!! I grabbed one of my favourite classic dresses, finally a chance to wear not pants. This is a simple belted A-Line dress with with pockets that I bought from Smart Set probably 4 years ago. It has held up really well, it still looks brand new! I paired it with my Kate Spade Somerset cardigan- perfect for the summer.


Any recommendations for mixing up my wardrobe?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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