Stationery and Organisers ALWAYS grab my attention

Chapters/Indigo continues to suck me in with their stationery and organisation items. I’m finding that in my new position at work, I’m continually picking up new tasks to circle back to at a later time, and it can become quite disorganised quickly. Enter: a Chapters trip! 

Clipboard Notebook- Mountain Lake

I bought this clipboard for the office- I’m finding that I have countless things on the go, and I need to gather them in one place. I typically write the date it needs to be done by on each line, so that I can use the entire page before switching to the next. My only frustration with Indigo items is that they don’t sell refills. What am I supposed to do when this awesome notepad runs out?? This is a 6 x 9.25″ clipboard, so I will have to spend some time perusing Etsy.


Expander File Folder- She Believed

I also bought this file folder for the office! I love the quote, “She believed she could so she did”, and it’s a nice pop of colour in an otherwise normal and neutral office. It has 10 slots, more than enough for my every day items. The gros grain ribbon on top closes it nicely, even when full to the brink!


Colouring Mouse Pad

This is the best $6 I have spent in quite some time! I grabbed this from the Indigo Spirit store in Banff, along with a set of Faber Castle markers. This colouring mouse pad is perfect for travel; it is small, it is detailed to keep you occupied for a good amount of time, it has a cardboard back making it easy to use on your lap, and there are 50 sheets of 4 designs. I can’t recommend this enough if you like colouring!!


Travel Packing List

For someone in a long distance relationship that travels a lot, this is a fantastic investment. It has a lot of those things that people forget about like chargers, hotel info, and sunscreen. I wish the clothing section was a little bit bigger, but I used the “other” section beneath to supplement it. For anyone who travels frequently, this $4 notepad may save you a lot of grief, and you won’t have to stop at Walmart and buy Sensodyne because you forgot to pack it after using it.


What do you use to stay organised in the different areas of your life?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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