So, how I am doing with this ballet thing?

I’m sure that everyone has been dyyyyying to ask, how is the whole “getting ready for ballet class going”? Significantly better than my last check in! I’m not going to lie, there have been a few days where I didn’t particularly feel like it but the thought of being entirely out of shape in my ballet class has been more than ample motivation commit myself for that day. I think changing up what I am doing each day has helped a lot!

May 28- I started out with the Estelle Shaw video on my last fitness post. While it was a good workout and all of my muscles were well worked, there was no accompanying music. It was quite off-putting for a ballet barre. I would say it felt more like an exercise video than a ballet barre. Still, I’m happy I took the time to do it!

May 29- My feet and legs were quite sore from the previous day, so I decided to stick with yoga. This was a great practice to really feel the difference in my muscles after doing some ballet work. It also was nice and relaxing to finish off my weekend/prepare for the next week!

May 30- Today I ran at lunch for 15 minutes and stretched my hip flexors and quads for 10 minutes. While it isn’t too intense, it still gets the blood moving, and I’m actually enjoying running again now that it’s not my only cardio. I also did a ballet barre when I got home; this was rather tough because I had run/stretched at lunch, and I got home later because of volunteering. Still, I was like, let’s jump in full force! Kathryn Morgan’s Easy Beautiful Barre Workout was fantastic!! Yes, I was sore and shaking and challenged and dying by the end, but it felt wonderful.

May 31- Cardio Jam (aka Zumba) was offered at 1pm at the gym today, so I decided to go back. I’m unsure of how I feel about Zumba right now. The instructor isn’t quite my favourite. Everyone else seems to love her, but she doesn’t do the entire class- she will do 16 counts, and then take a break for a minute. Not overly motivating. Still, a good cardio workout! Followed up with the first half of the Ballet Barre Workout for Turnout- my legs were pretty tired, so I called it 20 minutes in. My goal is to do this barre twice in this next week!

June 1- Today was the day I got my crown put in (feels okay as of now!), and then took a Zumba class at lunch. Zumba is going pretty well, I’d say- my ankle/shin isn’t heinously sore afterwards. I think I am getting used to the higher impact and I’m getting better at gaging when to ease off a little. And I know all of the dances down pat now. Hopefully they change soon for a new challenge! I then did this Yoga Stretch sequence. My calves were quite thankful, and it was a good break from barre work!

June 3- I didn’t exercise at lunch; I probably should have but it’s been a long week and none of the classes offered today interest me. I did, however, do a barre when I got home! Today was the first full, regular barre that I’ve done- it was the Classic Ballet Barre Workout. I’m going to guess that Kathryn was trained/works in the American/Balanchine barre, because this was incredibly fast. While those used to the Balanchine style would be used to this, those trained in the English style would not. I struggled a little, but it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.

I know that I am not in ballet shape yet, but I am happy with my progress! No, I don’t feel like doing a barre or a yoga sequence every single day, but I’m proud that I’m sticking with it. I’m much better than when I danced before at reading how my muscles are feeling and how far I can push them. Or rather, I’m just actually listening to them now haha.

I think I’m going to try and do at least one of Kathryn’s centre work videos this week. While the barre work is certainly helping me build up my strength, muscle endurance, and turnout, class will not only be at the barre! FYI: I probably won’t be able to do anything Thursday night and I will be attending the ballet. Seems like a good reason to miss one!

Thanks for listening to me! Knowing that I will be accountable to everyone via these posts is actually a good motivating factor, so I will probably do another update next week.

What fitness plan has worked to engage and motivate you long term?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!


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