Fraternity Friday: Junior Circle Update, Summer 2016!

Well, I am back to regular Fraternity Friday! I thoroughly enjoyed my “Life as a Sorority Alumna” series- I learned so much, and came to reflect and think upon my own experiences in Alpha Gamma Delta. I might be doing another Greek series later on in the year, but for now, it is back to my own experiences!


Junior Circle has been keeping busy, but not too busy! We took a roadtrip down to the Beta Beta chapter in Fargo, we took on the MS Walk here in Winnipeg, and took part in Take Pride, Winnipeg! We also planned and hosted the Winnipeg International Reunion Day.

We’ve decided to take the summer to ourselves! The whole draw of Junior Circle is that it is supposed to be focused on social and sisterhood get togethers, with little to no work involved. However, we have no alumnae club or involved older alumnae, so a lot of things that would be done by an alumnae chapter fall to us. I’m going to be honest, it is sometimes hard to continue on planning events like 85th and IRD when you hear complaints from one after another, and you are chasing people around for money because they don’t want to pay. I personally don’t particularly want to plan IRD next year, but if Junior Circle as a whole wants to, I will do my part, of course. I think that other alumnae here should be involved in some way, and Junior Circle doing everything doesn’t help that.

So, what will we be doing this summer? We will be continuing with our monthly Sunday brunch. You never know how amazing brunch is until you can actually go to it. Thankfully, we are all younger, and we have been sticking with restaurants that are relatively inexpensive. It’s relaxing, and I look forward to it every month! The zoo here has dinosaur displays, and we will be doing that in June for our social event. (I’m pretty excited about that, because who doesn’t love dinosaurs?!?!?!?) In July, we will be doing a castle escape room, and I think that it is possibly the greatest event I have ever heard of! Combining our prowess in escape rooms and my love of history?? I will be booking this ASAP. We’re also going to go to the RWB’s Ballet in the Park (see my post from last year here) in late July!

The graduating members from the chapter have officially been welcomed into Junior Circle, and I’m really hoping that they will come out to some Junior Circle events! They are intelligent, interesting, and fun women, and I would love the opportunity to get to know them. Fingers crossed they don’t cross us out!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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