Favourite Places, St. James’ Pub (Banff)

Everyone in my family always raves about St James’ Pub in Banff. I was skeptical- I lived in Dublin for a year, you don’t really find better pubs than Dublin. We headed straight here after we checked into our hotel on the Friday night of the long weekend! After a 14 hour drive, it was lovely to take a bit of a walk down the strip to get to the pub.


This pub was assembled in Dublin at the original St. James’ Gate, and then sent to Banff! It is probably the best pub I have been to in Canada. It has that quiet and mellow feeling without being boring, and the details throughout the pub added to the ambiance.


I am not a huge fan of Guiness- Jameson and Teeling are my brands. I’m a whiskey drinker, beer isn’t my thing. However, it still brought back quite a few memories from doing the Guinness tour with my mom and my brother! I was impressed with everything that was about the pub. The only thing I would say felt a bit odd was the fact that all of the staff were Australian, and not Irish. That’s pretty typical of Banff, though.


I want frosted windows with this amount of detail. And yes, that is the same sassy woman from the above photo now taking it easy. (They looked like they were having great fun 🙂 )



I had a Manhattan to start with- made with Crown Royal! Crown is my regular beverage of choice, as it fairly easy to find in Canada. It was a well-made Manhattan, and wasn’t too strong. (I find that happens a lot in the States…) I went with classic pub food for dinner- Shepherd’s Pie. It had some spice in the mash that was a nice touch. It didn’t look that large, but I still wasn’t able to quite finish it. My dad and I split the Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert, and it was delicious. I will be hunting for a recipe for it to try this summer!

This was a great first night, and a wonderful pub to visit! If you are in Banff, certainly stop by here. Whether or not you are used to traditional Irish/British pubs, you will enjoy this.

Are you a fan of pubs?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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