Blogs I Follow, May 2016

Here are the blogs that I am currently looking out for! It is interesting to me that even though I’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half (what now?!), I still am a voracious blog reader and am continuously hunting down new blogs. As always, please share your thoughts if you check out any of these blogs!


Tea and Scandal
I was a little unsure about this blog at first, as Sherra, the author, is a Steeped Tea consultant. I have nothing against Steeped Tea, but I’m currently being bombarded by different party sales consultants and I’m over it. However, Sherra uses her blog to share information and bring attention to tea and tea-related ideas and events. I love that she takes the time to make sure she is informed before writing her posts, and she covers a huge range of topics. Favourite Posts: Rose Shaped Tea-Infused Cookies and The Difference Between High Tea and Afternoon Tea!

Breakfast at Lilly’s
I am thoroughly impressed with Jenny’s lifestyle blog- she maintains that balance of having a good range of topics without continually have one off posts that have no connection to anything. She also has a ton of excellent blogging tips that I plan on working into my own blogging plans.  Favourite Posts: 16 Books to Read in 2016 and Kentucky Derby Outfit Inspiration!

Zest to Dream
I was probably more excited when I discovered this blog than anyone ever should be. Cecelia is a dancer in the Pacific Northwest Ballet (which M took me to see in November, and I hope to see again during a visit later in the year). I’ve always known that I would never be able to be a professional ballet dancer, but I love being able to hear snippets here and there. She not only posts in lifestyle and dance related topics, but also travel!! Turns out she went to Double Bluff Beach (aka where Daisy and I have adventures!) 🙂 Favourite Posts: Double Bluff Beach and {Sweater and Tutu} on the Streets!

Barely Beacon
Barely Beacon is Catherine’s lifestyle blog, and I love being able to follow along with her! She is a law student- I know how incredibly busy law school is, so I have no idea how she is able to maintain a blog of this calibre! Her dog Reagan is adooooorable, and even has his own section in case you are looking for him specifically 🙂 I am also incredibly jealous of her travels to Nantucket. Favourite Posts: Reagan Update! and 10 Things to Always Have Stocked in Your Kitchen!

Look Linger Love
Chassity’s blog is firmly anchored in the south, Charleston to be exact. It allows me to look into a different and foreign world- who are these people that can start wearing shorts in March?!? It’s just pure escapism for me. Heads up: She uses affiliate links, and oftentimes won’t tell you the designer/maker so that you have to click on that. However, I mostly follow this blog for the pictures! Favourite Posts: The Instagrammer’s Guide to Charleston and Building an Art Collection!

Honourable Mention

Plant-Based, World Bound
I’ve only just discovered this blog, but Brittany’s posts are going to be something to look forward to! I feel somewhat akin to her, as her boyfriend is Irish and they are in a long distance relationship. (For those that don’t know, I met my boyfriend when we were in grad school together in Dublin, and are now in a long distance relationship. Three years, go us!) She is also a sorority alumna from Vancouver- there aren’t a million Canadian Panhellenic women blogging, so it makes me happy to see. Favourite Post: Do I Really Have to Graduate?

So, which blogs do you need to read, no matter what?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

7 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow, May 2016

  1. Cecilia Iliesiu May 23, 2016 / 1:06 am

    Thank you for the blog shoutout! I am so glad you enjoyed the Double Bluff post – it is such a special place. Hope to see you at the ballet soon. We have one more show at the start of June called American Stories.


    • anhistorianabouttown May 24, 2016 / 8:07 am

      I will be there in August and then I will have a trip later in the year!! The new season looks to be amazing. Looking forward to your next post!!!


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