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I have really been utilising all of the reading avenues available to me! Ihave been borrowing from the library like mad, I have been borrowing audiobooks and ebooks on the Overdrive and Hoopla apps (through the library), and making my way through books I’ve purchased myself. At the time of writing, I am in Banff!! So, you might notice that I am partway through my reading list for this weekend.

Shopaholic to the Stars– Sophie Kinsella

This was an audiobook on the Overdrive app from the library. I don’t actually know why I downloaded this. After the third in the series (Shopaholic Ties the Knot), I lost interest. But I figured, “Hey! I’ve read all of them thus far, may as well.” Well, next time I may-as-won’t. Becky Brandon is still the exact same careless, thoughtless, weak-willed, compulsive shopper that she always has been- there has yet to be one iota of character growth. Spending thousands of dollars on needless crap you don’t need (book after book after book) is no longer adorable- I just spend my time reading wondering how exactly she has a single friend or family member left speaking to her. I think Sophie needs to move on from Shopaholic. 1/5


First Grave on the Right– Darynda Jones

This series pops up on my Goodreads recommendations, and I had decided to look for it at the library. The physical book wasn’t available but the audiobook was. The book opens with sex/romance, which is not my deal at all. (Henceforth why I am now asking why this is showing up in my cozy recommendations???) However, once you get past that, you find out that Charlie is the Grim Reaper, and her job is to help souls successfully pass to the other side. Because it is the first in the series, it is a lot of exposition, but I’m looking forward to the next book. Fingers crossed for more mystery, less romance! 4/5.


The Perfect Hero– Victoria Connelly

The Perfect Hero is based on Jane Austen’s Persuasion– a company comes to film it, and the new B&B owner is obsessed with Persuasion. Romance and hijinks ensue! I was quite interested at first, but I lost interest partway through. None of the characters were particularly engaging, and I felt like I didn’t get to know anyone overly well. I don’t expect to “know” everyone in a 300 page chick lit book, but you should know your protagonist. 3/5


The Little Lady Agency– Hester Browne

Hester Browne is one of my favourite authors- The Runaway Princess and The Finishing Touches are two of my absolute favourite books! I read the third book in the Little Lady Agency series a couple of years ago, I was able to snag it for $3.5 in the bargain section at Chapters. I enjoyed it then, and I enjoyed the first book, as well! Melissa/Honey is feisty and driven, but still has those insecurities and weaknesses that are a part of us all. I’m impressed with how smoothly she introduced the characters and the series without labouring the exposition. Most authors aren’t as successful! 4.5/5


The Royal Palaces of London David Souden

This is a gorgeous coffee table book, and while I would love to own it, I don’t actually know that I would put it out. It’s too nice, and I think I would be crushed if someone spilled tea or food on it. This book looks at the construction, architecture, and a little bit of the social history of each of the royal palaces in London. I enjoyed reading about those that I have visited, but they cover all palaces- including those that no longer exist. A wonderful read for anyone interested in royal history, or London! 4/5


China Rich Girlfriend– Kevin Kwan

I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy this in audiobook format, but I actually found that it added to it! I was originally skeptical of Crazy Rich Asians, but that proved me wrong. I knew I had to get my hands on this book, and then I discovered that the audiobook was available! I could not stop listening. Nick and Rachel from the first book are still characters, but they are less prominent. I enjoyed getting to know more characters from this outrageous world. It is odd to think that there are people that literally eat gold shavings, but hey, whatever floats your boat! This is perfect for the summer- 5/5.


Me Before You– Jojo Moyes

I worked in a book shop, and I saw this book for years. It never jumped out at me, though. I think it may have been the edition that we carried, the info blurb wasn’t particularly helpful; I actually had no idea what this was about. However, I finally saw the trailer for the upcoming film, and decided to track a proper blurb down. Will is a quadriplegic who is sullen and saracastic, Lou (short for Louisa) is his new companion caregiver. Many of the Goodreads reviews I came across mentioned copious amounts of crying. I was like, “No, I definitely won’t cry.” I was wrong- I cried (in a good way)! This is incredibly thoughtful and interesting but also heartbreaking. Certainly worth the read if you haven’t read it already! I am excited to listen to the audiobook when I get home. 5/5


The Art of the English Murder Lucy Worsley

I loved the BBC programme, A Very British Murder, and spent years deciding if I wanted to fork out the money for the book. I love Lucy, she is one of my favourite historians, but do I need a book in addition to the series? When I saw that this was available from the library, I figured this was my golden opportunity. It was interesting, but I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. She covered all of the cases from the BBC programme plus others, but none were really in any depth. I would have preferred to have fewer, but focus on different cases from television and go more in depth. 3/5


I forgot to keep up my totals for money I’ve saved through the library. I’ve decided to assign audiobooks a value of $15- while that may be lowballing it, I think I will still see savings! I have decided to go with prices, rounded to the nearest quarter.

Serving Victoria– $37
The Sisters of Versailles– $18.75
Death of a Maid-$15
Death of a Perfect Maid– $15
Death of Yesterday– $15
Shopaholic to the Stars– $15
First Grave on the Right-$15
The Perfect Hero– $16
The Royal Palaces of London– $55
China Rich Girlfriend-$15
The Art of the English Murder– $18.50

Grand Total Savings via Library Card- $233.25

Given the larger number of ebooks that I am listening to, this card is more than paying for itself! An Audible membership wouldn’t be the best deal for me- the best plan gives you two audiobooks a month. I can listen to two in a week! The Hoopla app is less useful- I find it clunky and difficult to search on. What if I don’t want to read any of your suggestions?? (I haven’t figured out how to just search…) It is also difficult to download it to your device. However, Overdrive more than makes up for it!

What are you reading right now?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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