Packing for Banff!

Early, early, early on Friday morning, we are heading out for Banff. My brother and dad are going to tackle driving the whole 13 hours while Loki and I read and be adorable in the back seat. I need to make sure that I am entirely ready to go and packed for Thursday morning, as I have a few appointments on Thursday night! So, how do you plan for a May Long weekend in the Rockies?

As of right now, it looks like it’s going to be nice and rainy, sitting around 11°C. I’m not a huge fan of heat, so I’m okay with that! I was going to try and take Loki for some longer hikes/walks, but I’m not sure that I want to walk through the pouring rain. First on my list to bring? My Hunter Boots and Boot Socks!

Fingers crossed I personally will not be galavanting through snow… Me thinks this will be a trip of layers! I plan on bringing two pairs of Lululemon Wunder Unders, standard Lulu leggings. They dry quickly, they are warm, and they are comfortable-keys for travelling in a damp climate.

Sweatpants will also be a necessary item. I fully intend to read and blog and enjoy the scenery, and my new RWB sweats are just the ticket. (I love sweatpants that have elastics on the cuffs, they make a big difference for the petite folks, such as myself.)


I will bring a pair of jeans, as to not embarrass my father and my brother when we go out to dinner, and pajama pants for the evenings as I find hotel rooms to be quite cold. (And realistically, it will have to be on the colder side for Loki!)


I plan to bring my long sleeve shirts from the Gap back into rotation for this trip! They will pair well with hoodies and sweaters but aren’t ridiculously hot on their own. My Lulu Love Tees will also come along for any potential hikes or walks!


Other than that, I’ll have some comfy running shoes, a few hoodies, my Team Canada jacket, and enough books to create my own library. My prediction is 5-7 books will be read that weekend!

What do you take for a short vacation in a colder climate?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!



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