Style Saturday: 14 May 2016

This week’s style Saturday is all about my basic dancewear! Any ballet dancer knows that tights and bodysuits are all you really need, despite athleisure companies claiming that crops, tanks, and sweaters are all the rage. Here are my basic but stylish pieces for ballet class:

Convertible Foot Performance Tight, Mondor

I have always used Mondor tights- they are soft, durable, and always look fantastic on stage. They are between $20 and $30 CAD, but they are more than worth it. I typically wear the ballet pink, but I also have the salmon! The convertible foot is a must; it allows you to tape and retape your toes without taking everything off.


Princess Tank Leotard in Garnet Red, Capezio

I decided to get a little creative with my colours- this garnet red looks gorgeous in person! It is a classic cotton/spandex blend with princess seams and pinch detailing. It fits perfectly! Something to remember with dancewear is that oftentimes you have to size up. I went with the medium, and it is fitted with the right amount of give. This will go well with my black skirt!


Wide Strap Leotard in Black, Capezio

I knew that I should buy a classic black bodysuit, as well. This wide strap leo is a Tactel/Lycra blend- apparently it dries eight times faster than cotton, I will let you know if that actually happens! It has similar pinch details, seams, and straps. This was only $42 CAD, which is a fantastic price for a bodysuit this nice. I can’t wait to wear it!


Dancers, what are your favourite brands??

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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