Fraternity Friday: Life as a Sorority Alumna, Part X

This week we are joined by another AOII! I think that having multiple members from the same organisation on this series is really illustrating that each and every member experiences their organisation differently. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking the time to answer these questions so articulately!! 

Sorority Alumna3

1. What organisation and university are you from?
Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Beta chapter at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia PA

2. What year did you initiate into your organisation?
2010. My campus has a deferred formal recruitment in the Spring, and I did not go through my freshman year. I wanted to give all groups a chance, and so even though there were spots open for certain organizations in the fall, I decided to wait until formal recruitment in the spring, making me a second semester sophomore when I joined.

3. Does your organisation offer specific alumnae programming?
Yes, although I’m not too familiar with our alumnae programming.

4. Are you active in either an alumnae group of your organisation or the area Panhellenic? If yes, do you hold a position? I am! I’m a founding member of my city’s AOII alumnae group where I held the position of treasurer for two years. I am also a member of my city’s Panhellenic group, but am not really able to attend meetings or many events with them due to scheduling conflicts.

5. Has your sorority experience contributed to where you are now- both personally and professionally? If yes, how so?
Personally, yes. I think that I am a stronger leader and am able to have more on my plate because of the programming that was available to me as a collegiate. Participating in recruitment as an active also helped me to climb out of my turtle shell and learn to be slightly less awkward in social settings. Professionally, not yet. I am currently back in school working on my BSN. Even though I have a prior BS, I never worked in the field that my BS is in. Sometimes, I feel like I’m terrible at adulting because of that

6. Do you interact with any undergraduate chapters of your organisation?
I don’t but I wish I did. While AOII has made huge strides in Texas, there is still not a collegiate chapter that is close enough to me to be able to help them out.

7. If you could plan an alumnae event, anything at all, what would it be?
I wold love to visit our international headquarters in Brentwood, TN. Maybe do a day trip to a winery? I’m a terrible event planner!

FYI, if you are terrible at adulting, we are all terrible at adulting!! Thank you, again!!! For a lot of members, going back for another Bachelor or graduate school is part of being an alumna! I know that many NPC organisations offer scholarships to alumnae members, but I would love to see specific programming developed for alumnae who are students. If you organisation has some, please comment below!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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