Fraternity Friday: Life as a Sorority Alumna, Part VIII

Angela, an Alpha Omicron Pi, is with us this week to share her experiences! This series has only emphasised the Panhellenic bond that we all share, and I am more than grateful for Angela and everyone else who has taken the time to answer my questions. She is certainly an accomplished woman; Angela is a Panhellenic woman that we should celebrate, and I hope that my own membership is making the same difference in my life!

Sorority Alumna3

1.What organisation and university are you from?
I am an Alpha Omicron Pi from Lambda Tau Chapter at the University of Louisiana-Monroe (formerly Northeast Louisiana University.)

2.What year did you initiate into your organisation?
I was initiated October 1, 1993. My class was the first New Member class for my chapter with a 6 week NM period rather than a semester long Pledge period.

3. Does your organisation offer specific alumnae programming?
Yes. Alumnae outreach has become more of a priority in recent years. The alumnae chapters now have Standards of Excellence like our collegiate chapters to assure that we are providing a good experience for our members. A few years ago, AOII unveiled FOUR, an International Alumnae Association for women not in close proximity to an alumnae chapter. Last month, we also started a career center which has opportunities for career portal, continuing education and AOII job listings.

4.Are you active in either an alumnae group of your organisation or the area Panhellenic? If yes, do you hold a position?
I am between chapters right now. I have a habit of moving every three years or so. I’m finishing out my year as Membership Education Chairman for my chapter in Los Angeles. I have yet to make it to a meeting for either of the chapters near me now that I am in NorCal.

5.Has your sorority experience contributed to where you are now- both personally and professionally? If yes, how so?
Yes. When I applied to medical school, my involvement in collegiate activities and chapter offices were important to appear as a well rounded student. I remember seeing one of my interviewers copy of my application, and there was a big exclamation mark next to my activities. The ability to carry a conversation with anyone has also come in handy over the years as I navigated residency, job interviews and frequent moves. Personally, my membership in AOII has been so important as I’ve moved across the country. Every city we have moved to has an alumnae chapter with sisters that have welcomed me with open arms. I’ve also had the opportunity to volunteer for four collegiate chapters in three states. Having sisters everywhere makes the world a much smaller place.

6.Do you interact with any undergraduate chapters of your organisation? Ie. Attend a reunion day or Initiation, alumnae days, recruitment, philanthropy events ?
I have been an adviser for four different chapters in three states. I usually know where I will advise next before I even move. It’s always been important to me to help our collegiate women have the great experience in AOII that I have had. Since I’ve moved to California, one of the great joys I’ve had is participating in Founders’ Day. We have joint celebrations for all of SoCal or NorCal. The SoCal event is almost as big as International Convention with ~600 collegiate and alumnae members gathering together for a day celebrating our sisterhood.

7.If you could plan an alumnae event, anything at all, what would it be?
Since the weather is lovely in NorCal, an outside garden party with family and graduating collegiates would be wonderful. It would show our newest alumnae that their is life in AOII after graduation.

8.Any other thoughts?
My AOII world had grown beyond my beloved collegiate chapter, and I can honestly say that no matter where you go, you will find a sister that carries our ritual in her heart.

I am so impressed with Angela’s commitment to Alpha Omicron Pi’s collegian members. As students, we all needed strong alumnae figures to help us make our way in our organisations. Members like Angela make all the difference, and I hope to be just as dedicated! Thank you again, to Angela!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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