Style Saturday- April 22, 2016

Hello, hello! This is now a time in my wardrobe with a new piece here and there, and usually for a reason (hopefully not just “because I want it” but we will see…). I am trying my hardest to buy pieces that a) work with many items in my wardrobe, and b) don’t look incredibly similar to something I already have. I am also starting to factor in cost-per-wear- look at me being all adulty!

Open Cardigan with a Bow, RW & Co

I needed a cardigan to wear to IRD tomorrow, and I will be wearing the cream rose dress I bought in Ireland! (See here!) I couldn’t find any bright pink or green cardigans to match the roses, so I decided to try  a blush/ballet pink in the hopes that it would coordinate! Fun fact: IT DID. I love the ribbon detail, it emphasises the ballet aspect! Other than my blush pink skirt, I own no pink- this will get a lot of wear this summer!


Ankle and trouser socks, Kate Spade

I am on the hunt for more socks! For the longest time, I only wore boring white sport socks. However, I now appreciate having some colour on my feet! I spotted these five pairs of Kate Spade socks at Winners for $25 CAD instead of $53 USD- victory! (One pair isn’t in the picture, they are on my feet…) They are quite thin and soft. I am excited to wear these!

Long Strand Necklace, ???

Pearls are the official jewel of Alpha Gamma Delta, so we often wear them! Because they are often just thrown into a bag I didn’t want to spend a ton money on pearls that might get ruined. At the same time, because I wear them so often, I wanted to make sure that they weren’t incredibly cheap, either. Enter in my long strand of pearls! Long, doubled up, or tied in a knot, these are perfect- I think I paid about $70 for them. They still look perfect and are holding up well. Six years and counting!


What pieces have you invested in?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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