Fraternity Friday: Life as a Sorority Alumna, Part VII

This week’s interview is with one of my favourite Alpha Gams- Kristin is incredibly involved with the Fraternity, and is also a proud Canadian member. We have similar interests, similar careers (at this point), and even have held similar positions in Alpha Gam! She is well-spoken, knowledgeable about Alpha Gamma Delta and Greek Life in general, so I often turn to her with questions and mullings. I am so thankful that she has taken the time to share her thoughts with me- thank you, Kristin!!! 

Sorority Alumna AGD

1. What organisation and university are you from?
Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Kappa Chapter at the University of Alberta

2. What year did you initiate into your organisation?

3. Does your organisation offer specific alumnae programming?
Yes, entirely facilitated by the alumnae in the area. It’s relatively open-ended, though the programming in my immediate area is somewhat fragmented and disjointed presently.

4. Are you active in either an alumnae group of your organisation or the area Panhellenic? If yes, do you hold a position?
Yes; I am a Co-President of my local Alpha Gamma Delta Junior Circle, and intend to take on a role of some kind in the wider Alumnae Chapter officer roll. 

5. Has your sorority experience contributed to where you are now- both personally and professionally? If yes, how so?
Yes – Professionally: Alpha Gam sent me to LeaderShape in 2014, where I discovered that I am interested in pursuing a career in student affairs and Greek life as an institution. Without this experience I’m not sure I would have come to this conclusion and been able to choose this career path. Currently I have a job working in student group management and administration, which I also credit partially to my collegiate experiences, both through networking (my supervisor is also an alumnus of a fraternity) and personal development skills. 
Personally: I have been able to recruit some of the friends I’d made in other organizations that I wanted to grow closer to, which Alpha Gam really made possible. And in the opposite way as well: I have met women I never would have otherwise, who have made me think about and have experiences I wouldn’t have had without them. They are some of my closest friends and supports, and they give me confidence and motivation which is important to me, as I used to be very shy and had poor self esteem. Alpha Gamma Deltas remind me every day that I am worthy of respect and love and they do it just by being themselves. 

6. Do you interact with any undergraduate chapters of your organisation? Ie. Attend a reunion day or Initiation, alumnae days, recruitment, philanthropy events
Yes! I help facilitate some of the programming for the collegiate members on the brink of graduation, but I also attend philanthropy events and Initiations as an alumna. I also assisted with formal recruitment this past Fall, and am attending International Reunion Day with them in two weeks’ time. 

7. If you could plan an alumnae event, anything at all, what would it be? 
A recruitment-type event aimed at re-igniting engagement in the Fraternity from other alumnae in the area. There are a lot in my city, but they are not very engaged directly with Fraternity initiatives anymore, which I think could help our collegiate chapter a lot and our members’ overall wellbeing. Re-establishing the focuses and desires that women had when they were in the Collegiate Chapter and applying those values to our collective alumnae experience would be amazing! 

8. Any other thoughts?
Thanks for doing this, Jessica ❤ 
Thank you again to Kristin!! We have like situations in regards to alumnae involvement in Edmonton and Winnipeg, and I will certainly be talking to her to see what they are doing to spark interest! Kristin is a member that I believe will hold a position in the Fraternity in years to come, and I can’t wait to see everything that she does. I am lucky to call her a sister!
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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